The Omni/05 December 2013

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  • David Brazil - BAPS, organizer of meeting
  • Tom - sudo
  • Max - Sudo Room
  • Carrie – budding photo collective interested in a space - doesn't have a name yet
  • Jenny - Sudo Room
  • Margitte - Movement artist and dancer; Chinese energetics (Tai Chi, Xi Gong) looking for a space
  • Mara - SALTA collective dancing
  • Jeremy - monthly show with interviews and performances
  • Marc - Sudo Room / People's Open Network / Counter Culture Labs
  • Niki - Bay Area Public School
  • Pam - BAPS / Bookstore Publishing Collective [currently a dream]
  • Owen - a friend of the Public School
  • Zach - BayBucks / SNAPS [cooperative nonprofit that does after school activities with autism spectrum students]
  • David K - BAPS / sudo
  • Tooth - from blackhole cinemateque

List of interested cooperatives so far

  • Bay Area Public School
  • Sudo Room
  • Counter Culture Labs
  • Salta Dance
  • Unnamed Photo Collective
  • Chinese Energetics
  • Timeless Infinite Light
  • Local Flavor
  • Planting Justice
  • Film collective
  • Collective Book store


David K presents.

  • right now the biggest hurdle is parking 1 for every 1000 feet^feet. could get variance if we petitioned to city council

"do we want a place were people can sign up for the revolution?" someone else mousily: "yes"

   Question: What happened to the group headed by Olmstead?
   Their business plan was not viable.
   In what ways was it not viable? And have they completely given up?
  • Seeking radical community organizing groups to share the space with us.
  • David's been talking to the Perlinger Library (who are running out of space) about having a satellite space there
  • To some degree, we could build out the second floor (60ft ceilings)
  • Zoning is great, with the exception of needing to apply for zoning for community assembly (60+ people)
  • 2-3 year lease with someone on the hook (guarantors) - $13,000/month to lease

The bottom rung on getting in there:

  • first, last, deposit, = $39k, plus garauntors
  • without guarantor ~$60k


  • zach - national cooperative bank usually helps
  • david - reads a visioning statement. BAPS has always been about organizing post-occupy. its always been about a commune where members get their needs met without the mediation of money. that's what
  • magrit - i might charge money for classes is that a problem? : david - no, of course we have to have commerical means to pay the rent,
  • clay - what would the decisions be like for the mega collective : david - ive made this draft "collective of collectives" delegates to an executive council that makes binding decision by consensus.
  • Owen - so sudo is not on board? : max - no actually i was the main dissenter, and i've since reversed and am rallying sudo to that end.
  • clay - what's with the time bank? ; zach - that's defunct
  • Carrie - what's your minimum committment for a new group? : niko - tell us what you can afford. its not like we will determine your space by money. bring everybody, if we have enough cash to move in well then figure it out.
  • Magrit - what's hte time horizon? david k - well owner woudl take $2M if someone offered it tomorrow. however owner wants our kind of ideas. even until march would probably be OKAY.
  • magrit are there times when we get into the space? they live there so we could schedule a visit but maybe not more than 8 people?
  • owen? whats the maintenance of the building. davind k - ive had architect friend check it out
  • Nikki - let me reiterate that even if its not the omni we will sitll make the collective of collectives.
  • David b - notify other collectives to join us
  • Tooth - i am involved in an artist run film lab.
  • Mara - i will talk to Salta, can we just have a few months of the year? : David K. we can schedule a common area?
  • zach - bar could subsidize : niko - wouldnt' be fantastic for safe space