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The zoning is CN-3. Which is a "Neighborhood Center Commercial Zone".

From the Oakland Planning Code:

"The intent of the CN zones is to create, preserve, and enhance mixed use neighborhood commercial centers. The centers are typically characterized by smaller scale pedestrian oriented, continuous and active store fronts with opportunities for comparison shopping.".

"The intent of the CN-3 zone is to create, improve, and enhance areas neighborhood commercial centers that have a compact, vibrant pedestrian environment."

Permitted activities of interest

  • Residential: Permanent.
Yes, this means someone can legally live there. It does not mean we can run a hotel or similar. We could have a caretaker who's main or only salary is that they get to live there.
  • Civic: Essential Service.
  • Civic: Limited Child-Care Activities.
  • Civic: Recreational Assembly.
Includes temporary nonprofit festivals.
  • Civic: Nonassembly cultural
Activities that are primarily engaged in the display or preservation of objects of interest in the arts or sciences, for public, or private non-profit purposes, such as libraries or museums.
  • Civic: Administrative.
  • Commercial: General Food Sales.
  • Commercial: Full Service Restaurant.
  • Commercial: Limited Service Restaurant and Cafe.
  • Commercial: Medical Service.
May be needed by Counter Culture Labs.
  • Commercial: Research Service.
May be needed by Counter Culture Labs.
  • Commercial: General Retail Sales.
  • Commercial: Consumer Service.
  • Commercial: Consultative and Financial Service.
  • Commercial: Consumer Cleaning and Repair service.
  • Commercial: Personal Instruction and Improvement Services.
  • Commercial: Administrative.
  • Commercial: Business, Communication and Media Services.
  • Commercial: Broadcasting and Recording Services.

Conditional activities of interest

These activities require a conditional permit which costs around $2000 (need to verify amount) and takes 2-4 months for the city to process. We will not know if our conditional use will be accepted before those 2-4 months are up.

  • Residential: Bed and Breakfast.
  • Civic: Community Assembly.
Include the provision of civic activities to assembled groups of spectators or participants at the following institutions or installations (but not limited to):
Public and private nonprofit clubs, lodges, meeting halls, and recreation centers.
Community, cultural, and performing arts center.
  • Civic: Community Education.
Day care centers for 15 or more children.
Nursery schools and kindargartens.
Elementary, junior high and hich schools.
  • Civic: Utility and Vehicular
  • Commercial: Fast-Food Restaurant.
  • Commercial: Convenience Market.
  • Commercial: Alcoholic Beverage Sales.
  • Commercial: Mechanical or Electronic Games.
  • Commercial: Group Assembly.
Yoga, martial arts, driving school, job training, and other instructional classes in facilities with two thousand (2,000) square feet or more of classroom or instructional space.
Theaters or venues with three thousand (3,000) square feet or more of floor area.
Cabarets, night clubs, dance halls, and pool halls.
  • Industrial: Custom Manufacturing.
  • Agriculture: Crop and animal raising.
  • Agriculture: Plant nursery.