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I brew beer, cider, and ginger ale. I'll admit I'm more of a fixer then a hacker....but I'm working on that.

Potential Projects:

  • programmable cat food dispenser (stat!)
  • convert to a kegging system + make a keezer
  • sex toy hacking

Current Projects:

  • getting over a cold
  • learning how to use ddrescue
  • converting to linux full time

Finished Projects:

  • an ingeniously designed multi-height window stopper (Done! Thanks Tom)
  • a simple pulley system to store bike equipment vertically in the space (dubious, I think I missed the stud, but it's still intact 5 mo later)
  • A-Cup Cider ("Flat, but sweet!") (Success! Enjoyed at Hearth, tasted more like champagne after 6+ mo of ageing)
  • Dancing Cat Stout (it was dry, flavorful, and surprising light.)
  • Ginger Ale ver1.0 (a drinkable, medicinal, failure of a soda)
  • Ginger Ale ver2.0 (a success!)
  • English Porter (scrumptious)
  • Irish Rye "Elephant" Stout (Delicious and enjoyed at many a hacker kick back)
  • Extra Bitter Brah ESB (accidentally doubled the hops, then accidentally over-carbonated...whoops)