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Long time FOSS supporter, fan of Free geek, teacher of tech, started in Ubuntu, now in Fedora. First and foremost, I love Creative Commons and Linux. Particular Distros are secondary :)

ALL Hail Tux the Penguin!

More Bio needed: "West Coast Community Developed Software guy". Mark has regularly taught many types of computer classes specializing in the benefits of Linux and Cross-Platform Software.

His involvement started with Ubuntu community. His interest grew to eventually be a Fedora Ambassador. He has helped organize tech events that are fun, along with geeknics - using beer, BBQ, and other ways to create a fun community. He has spent much time in the Pacific Northwest; including Portland, Oregon learning from

Mark blames his interest in technical things and electronics on his father Michael. "He gave me a Commodore 64 and helped me get my amateur radio license (N6TBD) at an early age".