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I'm "some kind of engineer" with strong affinities to science and streaming radio. I used to do a radio show called Subversive Science; maybe one day soon I'll bring it back, maybe even at Sudo Room.

In the mean time, I am working at a genetics sequencing company as a bioinformatics engineer, writing a metric crapton of Python and flirting with MongoDB. My company's rather progressive and lets me Open Source some tools I write.

Streaming radio is somewhat of an obsession of mine, as is general telephony. I used to hack a lot of asterisk, now I hack a lot of liquidsoap and icecast... but I'm always looking for an excuse to connect phone lines to internets.

I also like to do martial arts (mostly Okinawan karate and weapons with some Tai Chi thrown in for good measure), and I like to wear tabi.

I have many websites, but here is one about me. I'm pretty active on Twitter as @nthmost and a couple of alter-egos you may discover. If you see the handle "nthmost" on IRC, it's pretty reasonable to assume that it's me.

Clerical Effluvia

Meeting_Notes_2013-01-16 -- my first sudo room meeting. (Also my first time visiting sudo room. Reminded me of 83c.)