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My name is Hayley! Projects I'm working on:


I am coordinating the writing of a rule system for a cyberpunk larp, which I hope to run in Oakland in May 2015. Want to help? We need play testers! This will be the first American larp (i've heard of) that phys-reps in-game computer hacking. It will be an aggregated larp, rather than a rules-heavy authorial larp. What this means is players design many of the rules themselves based on the things they want to do with their characters, and the role of staff would be to aggregate their stories. One of my goals with this game is to phys-rep (physically represent) hacking by having players actually interact with computers and code. There will also be elements of boffing, theatre, board game strategies, diplomacy, and all the fun stuff that makes larping great. The rules system will be based on the rules for Beyond the Aether, an aggregated steampunk larp I helped design in Portland a few years ago.


I am working on the UX development of What does Villagecraft do? When we meet people with great ideas for activities, we connect them with tools and resources. We do this by helping them find an appropriate space to host the activity, helping spread the word, and offering our web-based platform. Our aim is to evolve a network of co-creation and co-learning that is visible and accessible, and to encourage its flourishing. Eventually, the website will be made open source, and the practices will be aggregated & decentralized.


I am work of the Slingshot collective. We made the Slingshot radical newspaper at the Long Haul Infoshop three times a year. Slingshot is distributed to 19,000 readers worldwide. Our process is do-ocratic: anyone can join. More info at: