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  • who are you: susan
  • irc nick: ditzydoo
  • what do you work on // what do you want to work on: inclusivity, software-defined radio, things with microcontrollers, programmable logic, and power electronics, things related to cryptography / security, network things, precise time/frequency measurement/transfer, general unix/linux/bsd sysmangling, mobility equipment hacking, optics and RF things
  • what hours do you usually work: afternoons/evenings, usually
  • if you have a conflict with me, how should you approach me?: email me / IRC / face-to-face meeting are all good.
  • what resources do you have to offer?:
  • workshops/classes you'd like to lead or have lead in the past: solid-state electronics class/workshop, power electronics class
  • what would you want to learn/what classes would you want to take?:
  • what equipment would you be interested in? : software-defined radios, FPGAs
  • what else would you like to share about yourself?