Why municipal actors should care about the mesh

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The People's Open Network aims to provide free wireless internet access for all, starting in Oakland and moving out across the East Bay and beyond. Internet access has become as much a necessity as electricity and power, and we are working hard to ensure that all of the social goods that the internet provides are available to everyone. As more and more homework moves online, it is unacceptable that some students lack internet connectivity in their homes. And in order to break ongoing cycles of poverty, people living in affordable housing projects need to be able to apply for jobs online and access educational content. We know that people working in schools, libraries and local governments care deeply about these issues as well, and we hope that you'll see the People's Open Network as an ally in the effort to bridge the digital divide.

How you can help:

  • Open your wireless networks: Municipal buildings already pay for a lot of bandwidth. If you create open wireless networks that do not require a password to connect to, we can take care of using your connectivity to provide wireless service to the citizens that need it most.
  • Install one of our routers on your rooftop, outside your building or in your windowsill.
  • Partner with the People's Open Network to expand the array of services, spaces, and communities we collectively serve.
  • Develop applications that can be run on the local, citywide network and are relevant to your organization's mission. If you do not have access to a savvy team of IT professionals, we recommend Radical Designs, a local worker-owned cooperative of developers and designers.
  • Help spread the word!