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Every Third Sunday of the month from 2-5pm, Sudo Room hosts an afternoon of co-learning and teaching about digital security. The driving motivation of our cryptoparties is to learn about end-user security in a fun, welcoming and inclusive environment. Popular topics include: why digital security is important; strategies for activists and journalists; encrypted email; encrypted text messaging; encrypted phone calls; encrypting your hard drive; off-the-record instant messaging; secure web browsing; mesh networks; and presentations on newer projects. All skill levels welcome - bring your phone and/or laptop!

Anony Zebra, the official Cryptoparty mascot, protecting herself from Stripe Recognition


Ways To Volunteer For Non Coders

Translation Efforts:


Writing (documentation + press releases):

General Resources

Recommended Software

Android Windows OS X Linux Cross-platform or Web
Email K9 Thunderbird+Enigmail Thunderbird, Enigmail Thunderbird, Enigmail riseup webmail
Chat GibberBot, TextSecure (sms) ChatSecure Pidgin, Adium Pidgin CryptoCat
Network Encryption Orbot, OrWeb Onion Browser Tor Tor Tor
Disk Encryption Available in 4.0+ TrueCrypt Available in 10.7+ LUKS Tahoe LAFS

Flyers and Handouts

(png) A flyer for hosting a cryptoparty at sudo room. Download source svg file.
Cryptoparty flyer.