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The concept of the solidarity economy is supporting and only buying from flat (participatory) economies. A collective is based on any participation without hierarchies, a cooperative is member participation without hierarchies. Since the means to exist (land, water, etc.) should be equal to all, collectives are usually spaces without hierarchy. Meanwhile, the forming of products, as a means to survive are usually cooperative decisions by those producing the product, or workers. The solidarity economy expands from the currencies of capitalism when the collectives and cooperatives buy only from flat economy, but sell to the capitalistic economy.

The concept of a mass effect is comparable to a mass line, except a mass line is the formation of organizations in protest, or opposition, to another organization (business, state, etc.), while a mass effect are collectives and cooperatives coming together to share or exchange their resources in their own associations. A collective event for cooperatives and collectives to form these associations.

thumb the collective cooperative economy


These are proposed or existing ideas between cooperatives and collectives with their own articles of association (by-laws). These are non-binding associations, but a means to establish interest in these ideas.


The intention to buy the space referred to as The Omni.

Other Spaces

The idea of forming a collective of collectives regardless of the space. There are a number of spaces that have been considered.


We will be having quarterly events, updating and highlighting ideas and effects in the community.

January 10th

Ricardo Nunez from Sustainable Economies Law Center

Minutes and Images (6pm to 7:45 pm) Facebook:

Twitter: #masseffect

Address: 2141 Broadway Blvd, Oakland

Jenny Ryan talks about People's Open Network

About fifty people attended and created a collaborative poster showing all the collectives and cooperatives in the area. We used post-its on an an idea board and formed an exchange of requests and services available.

April 11th

The current proposed date.

Bay Area Cooperatives & Collectives

The plus sign below indicates the number of contacts (+), associations are indicated too.


  • Bay Area Public School (BAPS) [many +++'s!] (omni compact) - Radical pedagogy, open classes on topics ranging from Foucault to languages to poetry!
  • Oakland Wiki [many +++'s!] - A website about Oakland that anyone can edit <3
  • The Long Haul + - "a combination of a lending library, computer room, zine making space, activist reading room, and a social gathering space." They have an anarchist study group that meets weekly on Tuesdays. The Berkeley Liberation Radio meets every other Thursday. Also they publish Slingshot!.
  • Bay Area DanceSafe +++ - Drug education and testing at parties / festivals / events.



Hacker / Makerspaces


  • Sfun Cube: Solar for Universal Need - Incubator/accelerator for solar energy startups, based in Oakland. Supports all of the organizations below.
  • Sun Synchrony + - Talk to Rock! "Sun Synchrony develops innovative concentrating photovoltaic solar panels to provide clean, safe, and reliable energy using a fraction of the space of conventional silicon products, while lowering materials and energy inputs to manufacturing."
  • Energy Solidarity Cooperative - "ESC is committed to building a movement of energy resilience and economic justice. We democratize financing and ownership of renewable energy through partnerships in traditionally disenfranchised communities. We do so through a localized approach in cooperative governance and community empowerment that combines member equity, community investment and knowledge transfer services to spread community-led clean power projects."


  • Counter Culture Labs +++ (omni compact, unconfirmed) - "We are a community of citizen scientists furthering innovation through hands-on projects and education in the East Bay."
  • Nerds for Nature + (omni compact, unconfirmed) - "Nerds for Nature is bringing together environmental professionals with technologists and designers, first in dialogue and then to collaboratively create awesome new tools to help people discover, protect, and understand the world around them."
  • Kijani Grows + - Rad aquaponics project based in West Oakland!
  • Back to the Roots - Home aquaponics systems and mushroom grow kits - based in West Oakland.
  • BioCurious - DIY Bio space based in Sunnyvale.


  • SALTA ++ (omni compact) - "In addition to putting together a monthly dance series, SALTA works on various projects to promote dance and performance in the east bay with generous support from the Yellow House Fund."
  • Rock Paper Scissors ++ - An art collective with a gallery and zine library. They have meetings on Monday nights at 7PM and they have a lot happening during First Friday. They have zine reading nights, workshops, and they're actively involved in the community. And they're only a block away from us!
  • Needles and Pens - "An emporium of zines, books, handmade goods, and an art gallery. Located in San Francisco's Mission District since 2003, the space aims to provide an affordable place where like minded people from the community can display and sell their own home-made goods, home-published zines, and artwork."
  • 924 Gilman (Berkeley) - "Volunteer Run, Not-For-Profit, Music & Art Community Space Since 1986." They have a lot of musical performances, anything from Hip Hop to Punk.
  • Free Montgomery - "Free Montgomery connects with the homeless, artists and people who live with HIV/AIDS to realize dreams and hopes through creative expression."

Food / Health

  • Local Flavor ++ (omni compact) - "We are a 10 year sole proprietorship business that is stable and currently renting kitchen space in Hunter Point shipyard in SF. We are converting into a worker cooperative with SELC and planning to relocate our kitchen to the EB. We are currently finalizing our legal entity and bringing on new members. We would be interested in managing kitchen space in the EB and offering support to worker cooperatives and other grassroots food ventures. Especially in undeserved communities of color. We are still brainstorming ways to make this part of the DNA of our structure. As an example we have discussed making ourselves a community owned organization who's goals and mission would include the needs and environment of all stakeholders." Contact:
  • Vegan Coop + (omni compact) - talk to Jeremy or Matt
  • People's Community Medics - Grassroots org that teaches free first aid skills.
  • RAD Brains + - Radical mental health collective. Maybe they are looking for a space?
  • Sustaining Ourselves Locally (SOL)+ - Food justice coop located in the same building as Liberating Ourselves Locally.
  • Food Not Bombs (East Bay)+ - Rescuing food and bringing it to the people <3 Meetings every First Wednesday @ The Long Haul
  • People's Kitchen - "The People's Kitchen is a sliding-scale, local, organic, community restaurant project that engages, builds and nourishes community through shared-food events and sexy, social and cultural programming." - They work with a different grassroots political project / social justice org each month and put on a dinner, the proceeds of which support the org!
  • Arizmendi ++
  • Mandela Food Cooperative
  • Phat Beets
  • Planting Justice


  • Timelist Group +++ (omni compact) - Post-incarceration support, mentorship, and youth prevention - currently meeting monthly at Sudo and looking for a space.
  • Bay Area Consortium of Hackerspaces (BACH) - So many +++'s! We could host hacker conferences at Omni!
  • Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives (NoBAWC) +++++ - Awesome folks who host their quarterly meetings at Sudo Room.
  • The Holdout ++ - Anarchist collective replete with anarchist bookshop, bike shop, and events venue.
  • Aorta Collective ++ - Anti-Oppression Resource and Training Alliance - "AORTA is a collective of educators devoted to strengthening movements for social justice and a solidarity economy. We work as consultants and facilitators to expand the capacity of cooperative, collective, and community based projects through education, training and planning. We base our work on an intersectional approach to liberation because we believe that true change requires uprooting all systems of oppression."


  • Oakland Nights Live ++ (omni compact) - Monthly live late-night talk show that's been hosted by Sudo Room / BAPS for quite awhile now.
  • Timeless, Infinite Light ++ (omni compact) - Small press based in Oakland - Letterpress equipment, workshops, exhibitions, performances, and readings of textual, audial, visual and interactive works!
  • Youth Radio +++ - Local org that supports diverse youth through training in media / technology.
  • AK Press
  • Little Black Cart
  • Poor Magazine - Poor people-led/indigenous people-led media, education and art (based in SF)



  • Wobbly Wheels ++ (omni compact) - Pedicab union! Talk to Matt or Elliot.
  • Spokeland + - Bike collective - are looking for a new space, perhaps?
  • UNNAMED screen printing / bike shop - who to contact?
  • Cupid Courier Collective - A San Francisco messenger service
  • Box Dog Cooperative +
  • Bike Kitchen - San Francisco - diy bike repair: "affordable ways to acquire and maintain a bike"
  • Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative - Worker-owned collective in Berkeley for bikes, parts, clothing, repair, classes, and public workspace



  • Sudo Mesh ++++++++ (omni compact) - Building a free and open wireless network in the East Bay.
  • Hacker Spa +++++ (omni compact) - Hackers + hot tubs + coworking + massage!
  • Movement and dance - ?
  • Blackhole - ?
  • Bay Area Strike Debt
  • Book Zoo