Mass Effect Presenters 1.10.2014

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These are the collective notes from the Mass effect presentations.

Chris on the mixer
One of our collectively made posters


Ricardo from Sustainable Econoym Law Center

  • Non profit law center to support cooperatives and collectives involved in Cottage Food Act.
  • Meets twice in Berkeley Once in Oakland every month

Marina from Oakland Wiki

  • A wikipedia just for Oakland
  • All sorts of information about Oakland
  • The issue of there being lots of cool stuff in Oakland, but it's hard to find it all

Jenny from Sudo Room Mesh Network

Community owned wireless network

looking for ideas about what kind of local applications could support neighbourhoods e.g. local bulletin boards

biggest challenges include that backbone nodes need line of sight

currently in West Oakland; looking to connect to East Oakland

All open more efficient use of bandwidth and keeping everyone connected

cheap off the shelf hardware but running custom firmware and software.

Rock Paper Scissors 501c3 arts and arts education foundation 2278 Telegraph

existed as an organization for about 10 years

Were initial first instigators of First Friday "expression is a matter of social justice" Low/free arts classes

Specialized curriculum for high school age students in Oakladn High Schools: designed to provide credit

zine library

all volunteer run -- no one paid to run space or do programming " or do any of it"

craft night every first and third sunday; writing thing foruth sunday

Community Democracy Project

"Participatory Budget 2.0" All Oakland budget should be controlled by direct democracy in Oakland

current proposal: create a new city department that goes into neighborhood to ensure that areas can be involved in hyperlocal decisions as well as whole city decisions 2500 - 5000 per neighborhood community

Food Not Bombs healthy vegetarian vegans meals 6 days a week from waste stream

food sharing network -- remainder of food is distributed around bay area

go t oactivist events to make food for those events

bottleneck is not waystream but volunteers

something kind of close to a CSA when there's extra

6 different kitchens

pickups from all the different farmers markets and different grocery stores

The Neighborhood Village (formerly The Neighborhood Vegetables)

garden improvement collective, now trying to expand to lots of other stuff

goal: do this one neighborhood at a time

in part to have a gift economy instead of a time-dollar type exchange


Oakland Drops Beats (no website yet) Music crawls mostly between 14th to 15gth franklin to braodway mostly small venues -- art studios for example

An idea presented: coop collective drop-in: someone hosts just a drop in : What is a collective? What is a cooperative? What is going on in the community? turns out SELC migth be good option

East Bay Co-Housing Coops, cohousing, group housing

Co op videas: conferences etc.

Sun Snychrony (tech company) project through a technology company New type of solar for Laney College Oakland has a lot of buying power and doesn't use it well

Omni Group Proposal in the works: Buying a space off of 48th and shattuck; 24k sq ft buidling Buy this space for a collective of collectivesl