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Peoples Open Meeting - Sept. 26, 2017


* Jehan -  been researching chimney mounts
* Mai - Worked for EFF for 5 years on policy & copyright issues. Sad couldn't make it to BYOI.. Good at organizing, talking to potential partners etc
* Sierk - spends time coding UIs, sent first monthly newsletter! added newsletter signup form to the bottom of each page in
* Lesley - ave been away for a little bit, want's to catch up, distributed door flyers in Berkeley Hills
* Keo - from france, wants to start mesh
* Grant -  did things for byoi, attempted node mount on sunday
* Scott -  did cooking for byoi, took over byoi station, working on circuitboard for disaster radio
* Carl - software developer, mostly mobile apps.  lives near Hayward
* Eve - retired sys admin, carried stuff to roof 
* Max - also member of nonprofit ISP that Keo mentioned
* Will - lives nearby, has node, helping with node mount
* Nic - helping out with enclosure design
  • Jenny - helped out with byoi, negotiated space issues, been working on 501c3 application
  • Robb - helped out with A/V at byoi, likes hardware, interested in node mounting & hardware side of disasterradio
  • Tom - likes configuring nodes, controbited to previous byoi
  • Jorrit - made signs for byoi, found interesting way of copying fonts from computer screen, curious about use cases for mesh/disaster_radio
  • Tom2 - didn't design any logos, did co-found OMI (Open Mechanics Institute)
  • Troy - Omni-brarian, meta lingistic system, getting a holographic system together


node mount

  • Jehan - ordered chimney straps Skywalker Signature Chimney Mounts w/Steel Straps
  • LMI location at 9th & University Way. Offer to gigabit link to Dav's for $1800-3000/month (!!)
  • Sierk: Can bounce from SF -> Dav ->i
  • Jorrit: theme is that we're relying on donations of bandiwdth, if we provide the equipment?
    • - for example, would be willing to pay for connection if didn't have to pay for personal internet
    • jehan: if we have bandwidth and we build out an airfiber on his roof, then add on some point to multipoint equipment
      • jorrit: makes sense to own the equipment, get donated bandwidth, and avoid paying $1000+/month
        • jenny: think we should talk to that location. did we see if we had a signal to lynn & jim's? (A: No, power issues at mount location)
        • scott: ask the coops to pool in on a connection and get bandwidth from them
  • scott: pay people's equipment costs - upgrading bandwidth is minimal in $$
    • jehan: need to focus on building out the actual mesh network
      • grant: ...need to sell the idea...
  • scott: he rents this house, putting a huge mast is an issue. lothlorian is across the street. they have a treehouse.
  • mai: not understanding why not go with the coop members, who seem better locations, than this more expensive option?
    • jenny: coop members used to attend meetings... issue seemed to be that coop rooftops were not in clear LOS to LMI location
      • jehan: sudo didn't start raising funds significantly until we decided to take the plunge on the available room
        • mai: would need to fundraise
  • robb: lmi and sonic allow sharing in their TOS - and Sonic has cheap fiber rolling out in SF

hurricane electric

Jehan has been in contact with James Martin, has rack at hurrican electric, free or $75 a month, they will not shut us down for DMCA takedown requests


fixing routers from byoi, and worked spreadsheet for incentived mesh



  • Mai is going to Cuba in November for tech solidarity, free software foundation, EFF peoples, looking at it as not just teaching but, cross cultural exchange,
  • Internet is spotty in Cuba, you can get the internet on a cdrom with downloads of what you want to see.
  • Wants to see if there is potential for cross border connection
  • Tom - various open source computer cafes across Havana, let visitors and tourists use this
  • WIll - was there two years ago, 6 wifi hotspots, 5 dollars/minute.
  • Robb, talked to someone who when down there with mesh routers, kids liked it for gaming.
  • Jenny - piping stream of concert out to people in parking lot
  • Jehan - why is internet not available there?
  • Will - it's a politcal thing...wifi hotspots are mostly at western hotels
  • Jorrit - 1. internet in a box, 3 nodes preconfigured to mesh with one another, maybe Mai could take equipment
  • Mai - worried about seeming like a spy
  • Jorrit - 2. data MULE! , could physically carry around your data
  • Nic - went 2 months ago, its now 2 dollars/min, Cuba is paranoid about western propaganda
  • Sierk - maybe Mai could report back at the next byoi
  • Jenny - Mai, are you doing participatory action research - actually implementing a network down there? or more surveying the landscape?
    • Mai - going as jorunalist, organizing confernce
  • sierk: sudoroom has a connection to computer distribution project in cuba (daniel? ed?)
  • Jorrit - interesting that they do it already, propaganda is real!
* Mai - we have a host of different problems for why we haven't done it yet


Sierk - thanks scott for food jenny: and grant for stickers & buttons! *proceeds to grab cashbox w/ stickers & drops it all over the floor. loudly*

logo contest / website

mozilla / nsf grant

  • November 2017 submission deadline for Design
  • January 2018 - announcment of first stage winners announcement
  • Jun 2018 - workin prototype submissions
  • scott: meetup about use cases
  • jenny: suggests forming a finance committee
    • sierk: thinks is a good idea to create a finance committee
      • mai: is not so simple as crunching the numbers. having a process in place is key, before you get the money. also, mozilla will want to see that you're working with other groups
        • nic: marc was hoping to pair up with Institute for the Future and get expert input on variety of topics.
          • scott: can contact Nerd for Naturewith
  • lesley: consider how we can avoid paying money to private companies eg Hurrican Electric, LMI
  • grant: DisasterRadio pairing with Secure Scuttlebutt..
    • sierk: might also be some groups inside the omni interested in collaborating eg Community Democracy Project

= 1023 app

  • Jenny - if anyone wants to hack on the language for the app?
  • 400 dollar fee for submitting application,

Grant - are you looking for contributions Jenny - looking for bitcoin and figuring how much we need to raise. does not want to move anything from sudomesh bank account Mai - how are decisions made Jenny - they are executed through consensus unless there are legal concerns, then it comes down to the board of directors

  • Jehan - issue with bylaws, thought sudomesh was the networking group and peoplesopen is the network
  • Eve - has previously been confused about this distoincition
  • Jorrit - peoplesopen is a thing you use, sudomesh is a group that provides support, hopes to get other groups involved
  • Jenny - this model was inspired by wlan_slovenja as they expanded from city -> international

action items

  • research ??? - jehan
  • conflict of interest policy - Mozilla grant we are applying for - deadline in november
  • Nic - Someone please help upload this brochure to the Wiki, I have an 8mb limit and the image doesn't compress well. Thanks! - jenny just increased upload size to 20MB, plz tste
  • research proper content management system - grant ;)

breakout groups

  • sever & dremel & wine - jehan / grant
  • intro to new folks - jorrit / will
  • DisasterRadio - grant / robb / scott / nic