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current-gen nodes

ready for outdoor mounting

  • 1x Nanobridge M5 (25 dB version)
  • 3x Nanobridge M5 (22 dB version)
  • 3x Nanostation M5
  • 1x Nanostation M2
  • 2x Rocket M5 and 2x 90 degree panel antenna (one antenna already on rooftop)

All of these are complete (with PoE).

ready for indoor use

  • 5x Western Digital My Net N750

All of these are complete (with power supply).

used gear

  • Some Bullet M2 and some Bullet M5. Need to count.

previous-gen nodes

used gear

  • Maybe ~15x Picostation 2 HP ?
  • A bunch of Bullet 2 HP

= incomplete gear

  • More than 100x Meraki sparky (also known as Meraki outdoor)
    • No cases, power supplies or antennas (u.fl connector)
    • Needs special script for hardware watchdog.
    • Flashing takes ~20 mins

PoE addapters

  • ?



  • Maybe 1/4 roll of a 100 foot outdoor UV-protected shielded and grounded CAT6
  • A bunch of indoor CAT5 and CAT5E
  • We should be receiving a bunch of indoor CAT6 in a few days
  • Bunch of RJ45 connectors
  • Bunch of grounded RJ45 connectors

Antennas and pigtails

We have a bunch of high-gain omnis, a bunch of dish (the grid type) antennas, and a few panel antennas. Most of these are N connectors. We need to go through them, check frequency and tag them with frequency.

We have a bunch of u.fl to male N pigtails.

We have a bunch of GPS antennas.

Tools for node-mounting

Hand tools

  • One decent RJ45 crimper (blue handle) with somewhat worn out cutting blades
  • 2x low quality RJ45 crimpers (green handle). Probably OK for crimping but not for cutting or stripping.
  • A set of screwdrivers, wire cutter, tongs, and other basic hand tools.

Power tools

  • Makita impact driver (battery powered)
  • Makita drill (battery powered)
  • Makita battery charger
  • 3x Makita batteries


  • Two ethernet cable testers (need batteries)

Consumables for node-mounting

TODO put stuff like mounting brackets, plumbers tape, screws, silicone, hose clamps, cable staples.

Other stuff

  • 3x One Laptop Per Child XO Laptop (one power supply)
  • Lots of other stuff that needs.

Less than useful stuff

  • A bunch of random indoor routers that don't support OpenWRT
  • A bunch of random indoor routers that do support modern OpenWRT but no two are alike
  • A great big stack of the original blue linksys routers. These only support old versions of OpenWRT.