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Please add links to pages for any active projects here.

Also, if a visitor comes here, try to get them to bookmark this site or email them a link to this site. A lot of stuff that has happened at SudoRoom isn't immediately apparent when you scan the room! A lot of stuff we have is temporary. Better yet, see if people can join our wiki even as outsiders and add interesting tidbits.

See also Category:Projects

Regular Meetups

Sudo Room Projects

These are projects related to the infrastructure and community of Sudo Room.

Robotics at SudoRoom

Electronics at SudoRoom

Door Access

We are currently working on creating a system for access to Sudo Room via some kind of websitey thingamajig.

3D Printing

Programming at SudoRoom

Arts at SudoRoom

  • Audio includes the SudoRoom music channel
  • Saito Group poetic-political urban projections for the right to the city, data rights and economic solidarity
  • Oakland Art Murmur First Friday events at SudoRoom
    • Art Making Party collaborative art making party with music, starts after Oakland Art Murmur ends.

Art Projects - Less Active

  • Made at SudoRoom a thing where we label our stuff "made at sudoroom" to show off what's up with the space
  • Hack Drawing
  • DanceSound Collaboration with the Public School dance teacher
  • Sudo Radio the SudoRoom radio station, includes little kids on Tuesdays! Note: we can't have kids over at SudoRoom because of insurance issues
  • East Bay Sound Art Music Meetup lots of experimental music and stuff that crosses the line between electronic music, sculpture and performance art

Biology Projects

More info on the biohacking page.

Sudo Space Program

SudoRoom Stuff

Physical stuff

Other cool stuff

See also

See our Projects page on the main Sudo Room website.

Non SudoRoom Projects that are Cool

Sudo Space Program

These are neat but are these projects that anyone at SudoRoom works on? If not then they should be moved into another page outside of SudoRoom projects (Romy)

Other cool stuff


Ideas don't mean nothing until you do stuff.