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Oakland Art Murmur - was started by the makerspace collective down the street. It occurs on the first Friday of every month.

Few people know that Saturday morning/afternoon there is a Saturday Stroll (ex and it's actually easier to look at art and talk to the gallery owners, shop owners during this time.


  • Art Making Party - starting January 3, 2014 - we will have an art making party to celebrate the Year of the Snake. This will begin shortly after Art Murmur technically ends. It will not be an exhibition of art but rather one of art creation amid slideshows and a live art creation MC.


  • User:Romyilano is working on SudoSquare, possibly with Tracey. This will be an iPhone mobile location-based app that will send passersby art pieces, videos when they are geographically close to SudoRoom. We're looking for collaborations.

Iterating Art Murmur

Invite People to SudoRoom After the Art Murmur

Problems: hard to get foot traffic to SudoRoom during art murmur

  • It is generally difficult to get people to go to SudoRoom during the Art Murmur, but very easy to get them to come to SudoRoom after (around 10pm) when Art Murmur shuts down. I think it's best to do an after party at SudoRoom. This tends to draw the most crowds, and people are itching to go to a community-based space to visit. It would also be a good way for newcomers to get acquainted with the space.
    • Agreed! Perhaps we can pitch it as 'Art Murmur AfterHours', which is how I framed it in the pamphlet I made to hand out to folks who are visiting for the first time.

Saturday Stroll

Few people know that there is a Saturday stroll.

We generally never have people here for Saturday Stroll

Sautrday Stroll is generally better for:

  • people truly into art for its sake and the galleries, not just there to socialize
  • children, parents
  • introverted visitors

Any ideas or solutions?


If we want to sell Booze at art murmur can get a permit.

    • $35 for both hard alcohol and others / day.
    • 3-day authorization required.
    • Must buy hard alcohol at retail.