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Feminist Swimwear

The swimwear industry is pretty weird and it is very hard to find swimwear that is practical, protects me against the sun and lets me do cool active stuff like learn swimming or surfing outdoors whenever I'm in a warm place!

Also it feels really gross buying swimwear from companies that think women should be sitting on the beach in bikinis instead of having fun surfing hard like men, and on top of that the men get pockets.

Why don't we take control of swimwear and make our own? Most people hate buying swimsuits anyway, and from what I've seen the quality is very low and overpriced and you usually can't do anything fun in it.

We will be working in the Multi Media Lab and learning about the history of the swimwear industry, as well as why most swimwear is designed to please heterosexual men instead of liberate women and turn a profit. If most people were enlightened they would stop buying women's swimwear fashion and the world will become a more fun place.