Meeting Notes 2014-01-08

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What do you want?

  • Max (yoga & hacking); Xavier (aikido weaponry and crafting); Sameer (Place to run meetups re: Ruby on Rails; Greg (Library science & digital divide issues); JC; Captain YT (how to ensure bass music can be heard further loader and clearer); Ian (place to record music - just ran to check out radio room :D); Julien (master CNC); Mary (maintain RV; learn about alternative & classical economics); Andre (teach a German class); Frankie (set the techies free); Jenny the one person sudoroom meeting, (eating banana bread, network with hundreds of nodes); Jordan (wants you to sign up for gittip to give money); Juul (gigabit laser link between oak & sf) [terabit!!!]; Liberty!; Tracy (wants to go to ecstatic dance)



Action Items

  • Pay the rent for Jan (Matt)
  • Reword proposal on problematic non-members (Jenny, Brendan)
  • Ink donation jar (Juul)
  • Get new lease for 2141 Broadway (update to sign with "sudo room" as an entity) (Matt)

Fiscal Solvency

  • current finances?
  • $190.21/week on Gittip:
    • $752/month!
  • $6,030.62 as of January 8th
  • $4000 Rackspace check to be deposited this week
  • Pay for elevator hydraulic system replacement?

Amendments to Articles of Association

  • [Postponed] Final consensus on yar's filming proposal, which was unanimously approved on Dec. 18th meeting:
    • "There are very few profitable documentaries."
    • #1 more divisive than #2
    • Clarification on the wiki, consensus vote postponed to next week
  • [Consensus] Hol's proposal on a minimum monthly dues of $10 approved w/ amendments in Dec:
    • "Don't be afraid to ask for a higher number - or in-kind donations"
    • "Tracking time is way too much overhead."
    • Brendan proposes ToDo list / issue tracker
    • From a new person: "Freemium model; two beers; seems reasonable"
    • Straw poll: Mostly supportive, 2 abstaining

1. [Consensus] That membership includes 24/7 access to the space with a personal access code and/or rfid.

    • ^^ Passed consensus (10 yes, 2 abstain, 0 block)

2. [Postponed] That members don't ever have to show up in person if they don't want voting rights.

    • Brendan proposes to strike this as unnecessary

3. [Postponed] To empower members to deal with problematic non-members, non-members can be thrown out at any time by a member if that members feel they are being a problem, _unless_ some other member present in the space is willing to vouch for the member as a guest. Non-members being asked to leave must be told that they can further discuss the incident at a Wednesday meeting or on the mailing list.

    • We need to have a policy on this, but should be written in a more nonviolent manner.

4. [Postponed] Non-members can use the space as much as they want when other members are present, but cannot access the space when no members are there and have to leave when the last member leaves.

    • Not enough members to reach quorum, push to next week.

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