Meeting Notes 2014-02-12

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Q: What's (not not) going to happen to us?

  • Matt [sudo space], Sam (thousands of cores), Juul (planet-hacking), yar (some, then more), John (idk), Jenny (ACTUAL membership thing), Ardeen, Haley, Scott (a kickass show in the space), Xavier, Daniel, Eric (rally & seize opportunities), Troy, Brendan (electronic robots in space?), Chris (inventing better hand cleaner), Jeremy, Noemie, JC (go to zero)


  • Calendar
  • Berkeley Biolabs is up!
  • Cryptoparty this Sunday, 2-5pm - Learn digital security and encrypt your hard drive, phone calls, text messages etc; -
  • Troy found 16 years of communist literature on the street
  • Slingshot new volunteer meeting Feb. 23rd @ The Long Haul, 4pm
    • Looking for someone who wants to work on a calendar app
      • Phil might be able to help
    • Other slingshot announcement from Haley about notpublicschool
  • Haley and Sam want to start the first cyber-punk LARP rule system on the West Coast with simultaneous microcontroller programming language development! Get in contact with Haley about either at
  • John ( - event Startup Weekend Education - week of Feb. 21st - competition over a weekend in collaboration with Oakland Unified teachers. Civic hacking & Education:
    • Usually $100 / ticket, wants to give away a couple of tickets to sudo room.
    • Brendan is interested
  • trilobytes brought back to life
  • Show at sudo room w/ Scott - Feb. 28th - all ages, 100+ people
  • first Omni delegates meeting tomorrow night AT the Omni - open but RSVP -
  • RPS Collaboration
    • website redesigning is cool
    • wordpress teaching is excellent
    • in exchange, they have offered to give us a lot of beer (i.e. 15 crates) [people are stoked]
      • They have a stereo receiver on loan, want to keep it! Hence the beer offer
    • Also want to exchange by painting the Wobbly Wheels pedicab out front.
    • What should RPS do for us??
      • Mesh project could use a designer, if people want to opt in
        • Also set up a mesh node on their building for
      • Jeremy will make a wiki page for a list of items and email about it!
  • "Art party" happens 6pm 3rd Saturdays at the Belfry (church at 2735 MacArthur @ Coolidge) (57 bus line)


  • slay zombie events that show up when importing from calendar [matt]
  • Use Stripe [jenny, contingent on bank acct]
  • Bank Account - we need to send Articles of Inc. [matt] - DONE
  • Renew lease - David to investigate insurance options - matt will ping him
  • Add features to RPS's wordpress: - Jeremy met with them [DONE]
    • Jeremy will make a wiki page for a list of items and email about it!
  • Fix our inside door, the cables got severed - DONE - jake fixed it! sudokudos :D
  • reach out to sudo folks & others to participate in Spied Upon event [Jenny]
  • reply to radical mycology people with principles about for-pay events [Jenny]
  • fix our LMI phone line - is the DSL filter broken or the phone cable shorted? [DONE by marc]
    • juul fixed it and added caller id (but the caller id needs an extension cord)

New Members

  • Xavier
  • Jeremy
  • Noemie
  • Jenny is working on a better automated system
  • Matt elaborates non-dollar ways to contribute


  • We have $8701.21 in the bank account
  • This week, received $500 anonymous donation!
  • We make exactly pi $314.16 on Gittip
    • debate over whether a 5 or a 6 is more appropriate
  • Need to come to consensus on Internet Archive Federal Credit Union item below to get new bank account ;)

Consensus Items

Proposal to ban ardeen

  • yar thinks ban sounds harsh - maybe temporary? 2 months?
  • "To empower members to deal with problematic non-members, non-members can be removed by a member who feels their behavior is problematic, *unless* another member present in the space is willing to vouch for the non-member as a guest. Non-members being asked to leave must be told that they can further discuss the incident at a Wednesday meeting or on the mailing list. Non-members can use the space as much as they want when other members are present, but cannot access the space when no members are there and have to leave when the last member leaves."
  • Ardeen is present and pleading forgiveness, but Marc still doesn't trust him
  • Matt hadn't received an apology until now and is not happy. He finds "the whole narrative disrespectful". He'd rather things be about the community respecting each other and not about conflicts and bans. (?)
  • Ardeen feels he tried to reach out and was treated with anger and vendetta
  • yar hears "it's not about sleeping or breaking rules, it's about respect" but thinks the email seemed about exactly that
  • conversation gets heated, yar imposes stack with 30 second time limit each
  • voting
    • 6 votes for a permanent ban of ardeen
    • 1 against - ardeen himself
    • 5 abstaining
    • this is less than 2/3. motion fails.
  • vote on a temporary one-month banning of ardeen
    • 12 for
    • 0 against
    • 2 abstains
    • motion passes. Matt notes that the Public School has voted to uphold our bans.

proposal to ban sarah

  • "She isn't here. Word she's left the city."
  • "she's been sleeping here after being warned, and also knowingly ate my food."
  • "she's had conflicts at Noisebridge and refused arbitration there, which is not a good sign"
  • "I'd support this ban more if it were about violence or extreme disrespect"
  • "We need a committee on social affairs"
  • voting
    • 5 in favor
    • 0 against
    • 6 abstentions
    • motion seems to fail?
    • Feedback from abstainers:
      • Having a calm person unattached to the conflict to serve as ally for
      • Permanent bans pretty harsh - people can change
      • Homelessness is a transient condition
      • process is broken since abstentions and no-votes seemed to be equivalent here
      • Eliot suggests permanent bans be reserved for violent oppression, but supports long-term bans
    • "I will reach out to her and say she's not banned but she's not welcome and should come to a meeting"
    • JC offers mediation in future conflicts

"sudo room resolves to allow the Internet Archive Federal Credit Union to make deposits."

  • There are no objections. We all feel pretty good to be voting on this.

noisebridge auto-bans

Suggestion that we auto-ban anyone who has been banned by noisebridge unless at least one member objects. New bans to be adopted at each weekly meeting. - juul

  • See for current Noisebridge bans
  • Matt suggests inserting a human approval method rather than auto-ban, citing Value # 5 of sudo room's Articles of Association:
    • "Value human judgment over automation and efficiency."
  • "Would this rule have solved problems in the past" "Yes" "yes" "yes" "YES!"
  • "is the burden on individuals to monitor the noisebridge banlist in order to object in time?"
  • "it literally just made the process easier with ardeen that public school had a similar vote on our banlist"
    • "I didn't actually feel good mentioning BAPS' policy so I don't think that's a point in favor"
  • Brendan: "In considering banning individuals from sudo room, it is valid to take into consideration any bans from other communities."
  • "I'd prioritize specific kinds of bans such as those involving sexual predators"
    • DOES THIS WORK?? "Noisebridge bans can be given a temporary ban at sudo room by request of any member, to last until there is quorum to review the ban. Sudo room will consider all Noisebridge bans as potential bans at sudo room, going through the normal process"
  • "There should be an opportunity to lift bans"

bureaucracy rule

Matt suggests a rule that our bureacracy can't be used against us:

  • "Value fairness and common sense over prolonged process and bureaucracy."
  • "I finds this unimplementable and a little ironic"
  • "if you want that to change, develop a mentality for it, don't wait for bureaucracy to solve it"
  • "can we move this onto next week's agenda?" [laughter]
    • "I propose this be highly prioritized to next week"
  • "does anybody have a reason this should not be consensed to be in our articles?"
    • "I do. It's an awesome value, but just words."
      • That's sort of the point ^.^ it's a poem!
  • No consensus yet, more workshopping.


At the November 6, 2013 meeting, there was consensus that Marc Juul should be the sole founder of our IRC channel, freenode.#sudoroom - this was discussed on the mailing list, there have been no blocks or alternatives proposed. This meeting, with 16 people present, affirms that it has been solidly consensed on at this point. Sudoroom as an organization will now reach out to Freenode to make it happen.

consensus rule change

Juul suggests that we change the articles such that bans require 2/3 of the votes of present members, excluding abstainess.

  • "you should just use a normal voting process and not that weird process you just used"
  • "can't consent on this now because the problem is deeper than this"
  • "do i have to be a dues-paying member to vote?"

Conflict Resolution

  • "kudos to facilitators"


  • Learning Collective w/ Haley (
    • wants to have events here

After meeting teamups

  • Cyberpunk LARPing and software Microcontroller development.