Meeting Notes 2015-10-07

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Sudo Room Meeting 2015-10-07


  • Ice-Breaker: What makes you happy?
    • Tom Exlax (robohat), male (he/him), bananas -- make you smarter (potassium, calcium, magnesium) -- adjustment: what substack said below!
    • Brendan, they/them, dancing makes me happy, I like to dance
    • Sigma, they/them, having my mind blown makes me happy -- mapping conformal geometries to the complex plane
    • Max, male (he/him), HAVING THE PROPER BALANCE OF INTERACTING WITH PEOPLE AND NOT. Sorry, I'll be less rude next week.
    • Torrie, she/her , 3-6 hours of consexual sex
    • Substack, he/him, making something that no one's ever made before (which is mostly just useless things).
    • Matt, he/him/whatevah, Shit man, getting chances to, like, make mistakes a different way, than the way I made them in the past. Second chances.
    • Daron individual,them,they. Power to the people, Anarchy! Learning new things every day. Family and community.
    • Marcus, (he/him), seeing other people happy makes me happy! Content, at peace, and seeing that process of how people go from chaos to peace--that makes me happy--and I do see it! First time at a sudo room meeting ;)
    • Lesley (remote) (whatever people perceive me as) Creation. Also getting a USB cord through a very small drilled hole.
    • remote_daniel: nothing makes me happy. i take that back, serotonin.


  • New Door to Omni Commons -- relatedly, sudobot runs as its own user on
  • Brendan - sudo mesh announcement? is anyone a sudo mesher?
  • Torrie - Figment Oakland is coming up -- it's this thing that happens all over the planet on October 24th at Mosswood Park (nearby Omni Commons). Interactive art installations. Torrie is looking for help building a 25ft geodesic dome teahouse (made of metallic conduit, canvas, etc).
  • Brendan: Radio project just found out that these laptops aren't ready/will allow for virtual box. So need to directly compile them for specific computers. This is a radio project to monitor police tranmissions to keep people safe.


  • Referenced jenny's numbers from last meeting:
  • Omni in a "pickle". Made rent last month, have a shortfall this month. Looking to do events to make up the different. For example, the harvest health club is having a meeting in the ballroom tonight. Need to find better ways to finance the building in the future. haveladly give to the financial cause. here and will g a premiere
  • Daron is planning a video premiere for a full-length video worked on by a group of friends.For months we've been wishing to have the premiere in the omni-commons

.The videos about a year in the making.

New Members

    • Would you like to briefly introduce yourself?
      • Tom: I really like to learn, inventing, science. Really important to do those things. Been to college, taken classes online, learning Blender learning to do 3d stuff which took me to learn python, coding. Getting into Rust programming, like C++ by Mozilla
      • Daron: My name's Daron. I recently got into programming. IT is part of the future, can't run from the future.... Wanna learn how things work and what they are... I skateboard, make videos with my friends...
    • How did you find sudo room?
      • Tom: Trying to find CCL, noticed it. Was going to Biocurious in Palo Alto.
      • Daron: While ago, last year. Been coming for like a year but not a member. I know Matt has been here a while, lotta people who aren't here anymore. Scott introduced us.
    • Why do you want to be a sudo room member?
      • Tom: Good group of people, which is hard to find. I've been all over the country, looking for a good group who want to get togheter and "do", there are lots of spaces that don't give value to society, but this space does seem useful and can contribute to society. You might get lucky like Walter Hunt, who invented the paper clip, so who knows.
      • Daron: I've been in Temescal like a few years, I'm interested in computers, it's new, it's present, going to keep going and people are cool, like why would people end up here, we must all agree on something. Right now I'm at the bookstore, about to have to go to court soon, fighting gentrification with a few friends, small group. Omni is against all that. When you're young you see things, but later you see things a whole 'nother way. I'm content with this, looking to do something new and constructive.
    • What do you want to hack or learn at sudo room?
      • Tom: Penetration testing and wireless hacking. Hacking into computers, and defense, keeping others from breaking into your system.
      • Daron: I want to learn everything that is. This "computer" is a whole another dimension, like underground.
    • What do you want to share with or teach at sudo room?
    • What's your plan to abolish sexual violence, police brutality and white supremacy? in 10 words or less
      • Tom: A few social media clicks!
      • Daron: Organized anarchy,taking from the rich starting something new
    • What's your plan to end the anthropocene extinction, world hunger, global warming and global inequality? in 10 words or less
      • Tom: Something to do wtih DNA, bring back the neanderthals.
      • Daron: Almost what he said, but show people there is a different way of living. Be shameless, not give a damn.
    • What's your plan to ensure freedom and privacy of communication for all? in 10 words or less
      • Tom: Decentralize everything, Gibson's The Peripheral, colonize mars.
      • Daron: Hacking with the sudo group, need a group to be motivated and be somewhere.
    • What do you know about sudo room's values?
      • Tom: The values that I have seen displayed seem to be respectfulness, transparency, discipline
      • Daron: Fuck the police
    • What do you know about sudo room's history?
    • What do you know about the Omni Commons' statement of solidarity?
      • Tom: Nothing.
      • Daron: Fuck adult supremacy
    • What do you know about the Omni Commons' safer space policy?
      • Tom: Seems to be about conflicts, harassment, sexual harassment,
      • Daron:
    • Have you ever been banned from a hackerspace or any other collective?
      • Tom: I've been booted from something
      • Daron: I've banned people from my collective
    • Are you a cop? An informant? A federal agent? An undercover cop? An undercover cat?
      • Tom: No, I'm not related to any group. No I'm not undercover in any way. Are you?
      • Daron: No, No, No, No, Yes I am
        • Are cops not allowed in the group? Cuz if I was gonna join... Then I guess I wouldn't be allowed to.
    • What makes you happy? (covered in icebreaker)
      • Tom:
      • Daron: I like self-government
    • What's 20 + 3?
      • Tom: 203 (perl)
      • Daron: I don't know math... 23
    • Torrie: What's the the furthest from home you've ever been?
      • Tom: right now is the farthest I've ever been.
    • Brendan: Do you love me?
      • Tom: I love you.
      • Daron: You already know the answer.... yes
    • Alex: Are you interested in teaching or being part of group involved in teaching?
      • (didn't hear response)
  • Tom: Does anyone in Omni do any survellance over the computers here.
    • Matt: There's nothing special about our network that would make it more risky or less risky to use. Also, note that sudomesh is open and everything is distributed.
    • Torrie: There's no one person in charge and also noone who is responsible for preventing NSA or someone else from logging everything.
  • Tom: What about reporting a hack?
    • Matt: There is a systems admin list where you can discuss stuff.

New Proposals

Proposals copied from last week that may still be relevant for discussion

DK Sabbatical

  • His sabbatical is ended. He has come by a few times. If you see him around, say hi.


  • Jenny thinks that a healing circle with all involved is a good idea, but that the distinction between 'public' and 'omni' is a dangerous precedent to set, since a commons entails shared stewardship and participation. Rather, it seems prudent to have honest and open conversations about how the decision transpired and why it was made in order to mitigate future issues through compassion and care.

Entrance Hall as Commons for October

The 'front desk' area of the Omni will become designated as a space for collectives to display info / exhibit projects and engage with people entering the space (incorporating ideas from the Welcoming Committee: ), ideally in perpetuity.

The rest of the entrance hall will be designated as a commons, endeavoring to donate $1-2K/month to the Omni through a) facilitating regular 'collabazaars' for local and collectively-generated products, b) hosting pop-up restaurants, c) selling community members' art and publications, and d) booking events in the space through the Commons WG. We will trial run for the month of October, with a report-back and proposal to extend at the first delegates meeting in November (likely Nov 5th).

  • Several folks have been discussing various ways of engaging with the entrance hall, from interior design to construction, front door shifts to vending booths. Participation from all member collectives and anyone interested in creating a welcoming and inviting entrance hall is invited and supported!


  • Matt: Now is time to set up cool stuff in front of the public!

Action Items

  • Sudo business license [jenny] - have filled out the form. we need to apply for a zoning clearance first. will do this on Monday.

(daniel: does this mean that the domain issue is under control? Expires on Nov... i think is on the 14th)

  • We need to do the work of figuring out finances for the Omni
    • Monday at 5pm working group
    • Work with Kiva to get loans
  • Daron: Who are you willing/not willing to take donations from?
    • Matt: It's more that we aren't willing to do anything in response to donations. Otherwise willing to take money.
  • Matt: Take lots of methods of payment, square, sudohumans, paypal.
  • Tom: What about donations? There are these donations around $9 computers.
    • Robb: Good stuff