Meeting Notes 2016-02-10

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sudoroom meeting Wednesday 10 Feb 2016


  • robb- he = i can blind people (temporarily)
  • mark = he/they/dude - picnics and food bring people together
  • marc = he = being critical of swedish products
  • jenny = she = lost her powers :( (temporarily)
  • matt = he = i am rubber, you are glue, everything I say bounces off of me and sticks to YOU!
  • julio = he = invisibility
  • max = ? = avoiding meetings



  • Stripe has agreed to lower our fraud charge dispute fees from $15/each to $5/each (lowering our fines from ~$500 to $160), but Jenny is requesting a 100% waive :P stay tuned!
  • $169.38 in bank account + $469.96 coming in from paypal = $639.34
  • See for breakdown

ideas for making sudoroom better

  • reorg website, host more events, put them on the front page

new members

old members

  • our members are getting older. this needs to stop.
  • yar thinks we need to reach out to people who don't come anymore, ask them why, ask them for critiques of sudoroom
  • matt proposes a phone bank
  • first we need to create a list of such people. this is a task in itself. starting with anyone who:
    • has attended a meeting
    • has emailed the list
    • has participated in the IRC

omni proposals

New Rent Payment Scheme

Finance / Fundraising working groups propose we adopt the following rent accounting process, where individual operating costs are explicitly and transparently listed, divided appropriately, then compiled for each collective into a round monthly rent that does not fluctuate with minor changes in costs (e.g. we all get a fixed utilities payment, pro-rated based on each group's contributions, rather than a large even split calculated every month based on whatever our bill says):

action items

  • set up a passpack for sudo!
  • new member brochure
  • send reminder to members to PAY DUES!