Meeting Notes 2021-05-26

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Sudo Room Meeting, 2021-05-26 6pm



  • Ongoing projects
  • Paying Omni back
  • Possible to visit the space?


Intros: who are you (name/nym, pronouns) and what have you been up to?

  • marc/juul: hello. lost a "u" because someone took nick name on new IRC server. I do bio hacking things, also do normal hacking things. lately researching various decentralized protocols, trying to get a lay of the land what people are working on, also interested in mesh networking, general wireless connectivity. i like working at the intersection of bio-hacking and electronics/IT. at home, tearing down existing tech, to make cheaper versions or reuse.
  • Tim: I have a number of interests. Off grid, sustainable environments. Current in M part-time, heading back to Bay Area. Setting up hacker bench, have signal analyzer(?) set up, setting up separate hacker station, have 3D printers, robot. Hang printer.
  • cel: I'm cel or charles or charlie and I'm working as a software developer doing things with cryptography. Verifiable credentials and decentralized identifiers.
  • nick: I've recently moved from germany to the bay area for my job which is for self driving cars. I work for a company called Bosch. I'm trying to make new connections or connect to people in the are who are like-minded. I'm interested in security-realted things and like philosphies like right to repair. Also how collectives are organized in the U.S. In germany i was involved with a group that focused on environmental sustainability and we'd have an event each year. Last thing I wanted to work in back in germany was a satellite groundstation for receiving audio signals that can then be converted to the visible space.
  • Carl: still a sudo room member but have not visited in a long time.
  • Tim: connecting Riobe(?) batteries - 12V inverter, portable power source.
  • Yar waves


  • Xiamo Routers at Space - may get OpenWRT support, to get gigabyte wifi at Omni
  • cel asks about meeting topics
  • Nik: OSInt
  • Check Omni meeting notes - few days ago. No new things to decide on?
  • Possible to visit the space?
  • CCL Bio safety quiz. Do same thing, or something similar? They have a signin sheet and thermometer on the wall, people sign in and say if had no symptoms. Thermometer in common area, so can reuse Have to complete quiz with maximum number of wrong answers to get access. Quiz might not be required anymore.
  • June 15th - things reopening?
  • Marc to send email about reopening.

Events we could bring back

  • Event space opportunities. Basement, ballroom, etc..
  • Hardware Hack Night
  • Mesh Networking - not at full strength right now since a lot of people moved away during the Pandemic
  • Previous events we might revive: Five Minutes of Fame. like Noisebridge. Fun social event, snacks. Marc would like to do this again. "What have you done during the pandemic?" ("Nothing")
    • Monthly meetups to teach journalists and people how to... encrypt communication, understand risk factors.
  • Q: Moving advice. Are there cool co-op things?
  • Matt S. - one of co-founders of Sudo - knows more about Co-ops. Hard to get into them; can take years. We can try to connect you with people.


Marc requested what people are working on. Got one thing back with photos from one person. Can come by, or do something together, film something, for a crowdfunding campaign. If anything you have filmed or anything, get in touch. cel creenshotted the meeting with Carl's cat in the picture.

Project ideas

Wall of batteries

Tim interested in Batteries, Power supplies. Landless people's group - source of power for remote situations, off-grid, can be done cheaply. Could present idea of a power wall made of dozens of these. Living off-grid for years using Lead-acid battery... this is a better way to do it.

Decentralized hackerspace

Idea of decentralization... Search for decentralized hacker space: Sudo Room comes up top in search - don't know why. What is the meaning of decentralization? Idea to hook up remotely... hacker benches. Instead of thinking of a single space like Omni, have something to collaborate without a single space.

Debugging relatively small devices to set up mini hackerspace.

Marc: considering building a decentralized tool for inventory items in homes and hackerspaces. Worked with Tim on similar idea before, for bio. Recently reinvigorated codebased for laboratory management system for Covid testing company. Inventory is huge for hackerspaces. But becoming difficult for individuals. Accumulate so much stuff, can't find anything. Have 10000 small items, hard to find. If making inventory for self, might as well share with friends. Jenny had idea for mycelia: dating system for projects. Ideas could be combined. Starting simple is good. Idea: set up chat server, Mattermost, for Sudo Room. Omni-wide? Want pre-channel notifications? If certain settings per-instance, might not make sense to share in entirety of Omni.

Where are people with expertise in batteries? Solar power... Power/electronics systems people. Had hardware hack night online - could restart that.


Re-opening training used by CCL:

Quiz used by CCL:

Require quiz? Or just ask read through the training. Have people send email so someone can reactivate their card.

June 15th reopening soon. Daily Show to have first live audience soon.

Vaccines.. Booster shot needed?

Should sync with CCL? Omni also has its own rules which are less strict.

Marc thought Patrick said screening was because of previous requirement no longer in place about training employees.

Temperature checks... not useful? Accurate thermometers very expensive. Just to tell you had a smaller fever you weren't aware of. One at CCL measures 1 degree less than actual. Depends on distance. May be misleading?

If had vaccine, need to take same precautions?

Marc says having food in Sudo Room probably a bad idea. Having drink probably a good idea.

How to reactivate card? State you've read the thing, email here. Who manages the cards? A bunch of us, maybe a mailing list.

Noisebridge has been having meetings.

CCL: wants to keep us at 25% capacity - 6 people there, 6 people here. We could ask to change that once we've gone further.

cel and carl think it sounds good.

Update from Omni Commons

NOMA approved as a fiscally sponsored project. Noma has been running the Free Store.

There was concerned raised by FYE collective - about their document, saying ensuring people of Color had Equity - while the people listed as leadership were White. FYE blocked.

Board elections coming up for Omni. These roles have no power unless it's a dire emergency. There is Officer's Insurance. Current board is John, Jane, and Rob. Next meeting hopefully we will have people interested. Jenny interested in being Treasurer. John to stay as President. Legal requirements.