Mesh/18 April 2017

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people's open network hacknight - 18 April 2017


  • marc juul
  • scott garrison, nanomonkey: getting back into using IRC
  • jorrit: made some changes to the site. figuring out how to get ESP8266 to work.
  • jeff / jefdaj: wants to put stuff on roofs
  • obed - software engineer. family from haiti so understands importance of offgrid comms, been in the bay area for about a year.
  • jenny
  • eve
  • lesley
  • dave - cryptorights, working on global mesh project


grant firmware update

Been updating firmware to include Jehan's new dashboard. Firmware is working (it was a permissions issue). Need to test one more time.

eve gate update

Did not hear back from the person who was going to help install the gate. Daniel is away. Eve will loop in Marc on the Signal thread and we will ping this person again to see if they're still up for helping.

  • marc welded a sweet sign for mesh! ^_^

We now have the domain We could get (and thus but it's expensive so meh.

entity stuff

  • jenny will start a thread to discuss whether we should take over old-omni's 501c3 or submit an independent 1023 app for 501c3 status


action items

  • talk to b&g to get a quote for D&O insurance [jenny]
  • create an issue on the github to set up an etherpad-lite instance on the sudo server [jenny]
  • update inventory infoz -
  • put next BYOI workshop on calendar [jenny]