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2/26/15: Monthly General Meeting


  • Mo (software developer, returning to the project), Marc (node mounting, firmware), Alex (firmware, tunneldigger), Max (firmware, Babel, new IP range), April (organizingz), Chris (doin stuff), Jenny (documentation, outreach, etc), Benny (saw about it on the website and liked the friendly emails)

Technical Updates

  • Getting the new firmware working with Babel, switching scripts over
  • Testing the node database tonight (node.js app fed by makenode)
  • Need to work on frontend for the node admin interface
  • Get fake captive portal working again -
  • Fixing merge issues with our fork of tunneldigger
  • IP assignments (see action items)
    • /26 on every node enables 61 connections per node
  • We should talk to roofers to assess potential safety concerns re: roof climbing

Outreach Updates

  • Updated the website with more info and verbage changes
  • Applied for a $35K Knight Foundation Prototype Grant:
  • Shared calendar for keeping track of past and upcoming node mounts, ask for access!
  • Node mounts happening every Sunday - meet at noon at Sudo
    • Ask folks to RSVP to the Google Cal invite
  • Wrote an update for Slingshot
  • LMI update
    • AT&T came by, now we need to schedule with LMI
    • April or Alex volunteer to be in touch
  • creating a new interest intake form, what questions should we ask?
    • Name, email, interest (community org, firmware dev, fundraising, web/graphic design, local applications, mounting antennae, documentation, education other), background (community org, software/firm, network engineering, web/graphic, fundraising, app development, documentation, education), about you
    • Future CiviCRM?
  • We'll have a better sense of where we're at 2 weeks after setting up the network in the Omni (this weekend)
  • Plan?
    • Testbed in W Oakland, maybe expand next to Fruitvale where connectivity is most sparse
    • The 510pen nodes in east oakland are already sharing bandwidth with their neighbors
  • going to start making a meeting/phone call calendar to hit up the folks in the first tier of the "outreach plan" like those who understand the media and telecommunications ownership landscape in the Bay Area or community networks nationally
    • Those who are familiar with the project, have experience / knowledge w/ these issues, the 'brain trust':
   Tracy Rosenberg, Media Alliance              
   Chris Mitchell, Director of Muni-networks and the Institute for Local Self Reliance               
   Dane Jasper,            
   Chris Whitman, California Public Utilities Commission            
   Tom Poznar, head of streaming at Fandor and former ISP owner                           
   Amy Sonnie, head of community programs at OPL                             
   Ana Montes, community organizer at TURN (The Utility Reform Network)         
   Paul Goodman, Greenlining Institute                                
   Malkia Cyril, Center for Media Justice                             
   Zakiya Harris, Hack the Hood                            
   John Gilmore, former ISP owner                   
   Bay Area Hive Learning Network?
   Oakland Technology Exchange West, Bruce Buckelew 
   Youth Radio, Amy Sonnie, founder                  
   Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives     


  • Finances: $1,473.65 in bank + 2.60964474 BTC
    • Support us through a small weekly donation and help build up savings for equipment! - currently making $31.45/wk
      • If we got to ~$100 per week it would be one rooftop node per week!
  • Inventory:
    • Microtik gear would be nice
  • Bureaucracy/Legal: Prep to file for annual tax-exemption, file a 1023 at some point this year
    • Maybe we should become a religion


  • FCC Net Neutrality ruling and impact on community networks
    • ISP transparency requirements will not currently apply to sudo mesh
    • Exemption for networks with < 100,000 subscribers
  • Rooftop climbing safety!
    • Propping ledges on the rooftop
  • We have a 90ft antenna tower, still looking for an ideal location - needs mad square footage
  • Switching hacknights and meeting nights - Tuesday organizing, Thursday firmware hacknights

Action Items

  • Upload photos of node mounts to wiki or to a sudomesh account we create (OpenPhoto?)
  • Apply for an IPv6 assignment
  • Research rooftop safety and buy safety equipment
  • April/Alex to schedule meetup with LMI
  • Create mesh-talk list? - marc, mo, april, chris, jnny, ?
  • Make a doodle for a tax-hackathon
  • Donation button in sidebar on
  • Reorganize our mesh shelves and take inventory
  • Look into insurance, April has experience in convincing insurance companies to insure dangerous climbing projects

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