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People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 27 August 2019 7:30pm-9pm


  • Introductions and Meeting Roles (15 mins)
  • Announcements and Upcoming Events (10 mins)
  • Check Ins: Action Items & Active Projects (30 mins)
  • Check in on ongoing projects (15 mins)
  • Discussion items (10 min)
  • Wrap-up meeting (5 min)


Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response; BRIEF Announcements

  • Icebreaker question: What's a favorite fact/tidbit about one of your grandparents?
  • Christian - he - grandma was in women's auxiliary core in korean war. swapped grandpas papers out for someone else.
  • Seth - he/they - grandpa was a hobo for a couple of years back in the day
  • Scott/nanomonkey - he/him/ w/e - My grandfather was an okee from muscogee
  • Ace - he/him - grandma had tattoo i was considering getting - on his belly, a tiger, polar bear, and lion walking in the same direction
  • Margaret/0exp - she/her/they/them - coolest thing about grandmother is that she integrated girl scouts in kentucky; great great great grandmother decided not to cross a river and that's why my family is from far-western kentucky
  • Eve - she - mother's mother was a pharmacist during the depression, stole some sulfide drugs from the pharmacy and saved my mother with them
  • Tyler - he/him - grandfather told me (korean veteran) how he was able to kick cigarettes after being addicted for 10-15 years. one day he looked at himself in the mirror and realized that was it.
  • Benny - he/him - grandfather exclusively painted cows and ballerinas, and cows being ridden by ballerinas
  • Matt - he/him - grandfather also in korean war, enlisted with best friend, drove ambulances together. they chose that job because it was one of the safest things you could do. during the end of the tour, a tree fell on the ambulance and killed his friend. grandfather was a farmer, grew strawberries and watermelons. whenever we'd go over he'd crack open a fresh watermelon. his special skill was shooting watermelon seeds with his fingers.
  • Jackson - he/they - recently found out a cool Finnish pronoun -- hän (3rd person, gender neutral, signular) - my grandma was the most optimistic energetic ball of positivity. one of the things she did was commit random acts of gardening all over her neighborhood. would plant flowers everywhere 🌻
  • Mai - she/they - my white grandma was a therapist and came out later in life, had dated some of her patients, ended up with someone for the last 35 years of her life named cheryl, who i knew as another grandma. her kitchen was totally fucked up--missing ceiling, covered in plastic and what not.
  • Lesley - pronoun agnostic - grandfather used to talk about shooting over the heads of people in world war II

Meeting Roles

Announcements and Upcoming Events

When's the Meet-Up This Month?

  • Mai: we were supposed to have a bbq on the 18th but it didnt happen
  • What: BBQ
  • When: September 8 or 14, 15
  • Where:
  • Who:
    • Bottomliners: Mai
    • TO BE MOVED TO LOOMIO (thanks mai)

Check Ins: Action Items & Active Projects

Open up This link works -> 1) Review items completed this month! Hooray! Move them all to Done column. These items will become part of the monthly report.)

  • dns resolve
  • Mobile Citizen hotspots ordered
  • Location survey of Temple Dhara + Berkeley house of Tim

2) Review items still in "Doing in this month" column. Move to complete if complete. Move to stale if stale. Leave in "Doing this month" only if someone is still commited to continuing to take the lead this month.

  • Quarterly reports
  • September ORCA Ham Radio Presentation
  • Talk to repeater trustee re: PON node

3) (Optional--to help determine capacity) Estimate how many hours you want to spend on PON-related projects this month (including weekly meetings/work seshes):

  • Benny: 12hrs
  • Mai: 20 hrs

4) (Optional--to help keep track of what we do) Individually, create new cards for yourself in the "Doing this month" column if you are planning to work on new things this month.

  • Benny
    • web services portal
    • Jackson - webdev interested in helping out
  • Matt
    • I'm new. Specifically interested in disaster radio. Interested in mass migrations and refugee crises. Going to jordan and palestine in november.
  • Jackson
    • I'll pretty much work on w/e. I've been stuck in the corporate world and my soul feels dry. I want to work on things that are for humans and not corporations. Have been doing web development for quite a while now. I'd love to learn more about hardware, but I don't know much, but will learn as fast as I can.
  • Mai
    • Disaster Radio -- Had a call with nico + juul + jenny + fitz about disaster radio. APC has $2500 for us to make a prototype to give to Nico to bring with him as he travels around the world.
    • DWeb Camp blog post
    • Quarterly reports?
  • Christian
    • Gathering bearings, interested in technology, interested in connecting people. Mostly deal with one and two year old all day long.
  • Seth
    • Spirit & soul festival in richmond sept. 21st. I signed up for a table. Thinking about tabling there to build out bandwidth from richmond tower.
    • Mai: I will be there!
    • Still a person in claremont interested in putting a node in her house. Can happen whenever though. I'm going to be outta town the 1st half of sept. i'll email her in a couple weeks.
  • Scott
    • I'm interested in continuing with disaster radio. I'd also like to figure out how to get more PON nodes up. What the bottlenecks are, how we can get more people connected.
    • Lately been working on a decentralized project management tool. Curious what aspects I'm missing. Curious if people here want to use it.
  • Ace
    • As someone who lives in the internet archive, im interested in helping. Did design for like 9 years. I used to do company's quarterly reports. Willing to donate time.
  • Lesley
    • Still haven't heard back from city of berkeley about mounting hardware on electric poles. I submitted a form online. Might go bother them in person. Also found a new neighbor who wants to be part of the network.
  • Margaret
    • New. Very interested in disaster radio. Haven't done a lot of hardware in the last 10 years. Used to do a lot of computer networking. I'm interested in getting involved. Currently live in a sublet in the mission, which ends in october. I'm moving out here. I helped benedict deploy the mesh at dweb. Got me interested again. I want my own disaster radio.
  • Eve
    • I haven't been involved lately as when I first started. I used to do some internal internet set up in this building with Daniel. Currently I think I'm good at tagging around and helping.
  • Tyler
    • My focus is HAM radio outreach!
    • Mai: tell them about disaster radio!
    • Tyler: Yes. Upcoming HAM meeting Sept. 7 ill talk about what disaster radio and sudomesh is all about. My main belief is that a wifi disaster network is way more useful than the current disaster network that my people are banking on, which uses very uncommon radios.
    • Tyler: also working on fliers for regular outreach

Trello Boards

Action Items

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Wrap-up Meeting