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  • Marc, Max, Jeremy, Chris, Matt, Jenny


  • Report back from the "Cook Report" fellow - Marc
  • Juul is working on a mini-mdns client for openwrt
  • bunches of 48 port cisco switches from 1992 available to us if we want them (we'll take ten)
  • ChrisJ has been working on an SQLite data structure
  • Matt began refactoring the wiki navigation
  • Laney Coding Club, Oakland Public Libraries as possible locations
  • Head of Oakland Public Libraries is into sudoroom. We can contact Marina for connections to them! (maybe Jenny sends them an email??)
  • Let's have a workshop! First Saturday of December! At Sudo!
  • November is officially Play With Your Node Month!
  • Marc investigated relay and exit nodes. The relay nodes seem like they might be $17/month. For an exit node we may need to find a hosting service that supports an abuse contact listing. The cheapest exit node option he found was $150/mo. We might be able to use the relay node vps for an exit node for now.


Action Items

  • Contact Internet Archive [Marc]
    • Specifically Tim Bozar [Jenny]
  • Document research on relay and exit nodes[Marc]
  • Order stickers[Marc]
    • Window stickers![Jenny]
  • Make flyers [Shake?]
    • Mesh posters![Matt?]
  • Finish up firmware generator [Chris]
  • Finish mdns issue [Marc]
  • Follow-up w/ Gordon [Jenny]
  • List first 20 locations [Jenny] - DONE

Discussion on Incorporating

  • Coop Pros:
   **Can have shares, require people to buy shares to be a member and have the right to vote
   **One person, one vote (regardless of # of shares) - possibly you can only have one share? where a share = membership
  • Corporation Pros:
   **Power is dependent on how many shares you have
   **We can still write heterarchy into our bylaws
  • Membership:
   **If you have a node running you're a member
   **Two classes of membership [or multiple - say, Member, Associate, Honorary - or Organizational Partner / Worker Maintainer / ]
   **Application Process
  • Need to differentiate between PeoplesOpen & SudoMesh


   **Corporation or co-op
   **Profit or non-profit
   **Declare Public Benefit or Mutual Benefit
   **Specific purpose of the corporation
  • Non-Profit Corporation, ?? Benefit


   *Jenny: 501cX --> anything other than 3 just makes it more difficult to get grants...
   *Vian: Changes to the bylaws are easier in a 501c3 that can drastically divert the purpose [can be changed by just the Board of Directors]
   *Matt: Can still replicate the requirements of a coop with a nonprofit or sole proprietorship
   *Shake: Wary of the non-profit industrial complex 
   *Luciano: Also wary, but thinks its good to enable people to make money while also including everybody


  • First 20 Node Locations:
                                                                                              Name                 Latitude                 Longitude                                     Sun Synchrony         37.7969539274          -122.262897491                                   NSA                   37.8130557403          -122.291543484                                   ChrisJX               37.907294628           -122.276812792                                   fanghorn forest       37.8126997497          -122.277359962                                   Hol                   37.8188445837          -122.252908945                                   Max B                 37.8461447675          -122.278647423                                   Hackistan             37.7870512014          -122.219156027                                   Fantastica Co-op      37.8552602319          -122.271992862                                   The Tardis            37.8078449692          -122.295735776                                   sudo room             37.8108689141          -122.267505527                                   Hearth                37.8178614446          -122.283421755                                   miguelatorium         37.8111062472          -122.256588936                                   Adeline LiveLabs      37.8195077714          -122.282260358                                   Veterans Tech Collective 37.7962417894       -122.233580947                                   Lothlorien(?)         37.8676375838          -122.249620557                                   Excelsior             37.8035705486          -122.230340838                                   Cuddlefish            37.7377000849          -122.429237366                                 

kingman hall co-op 37.8769705745 -122.257511616 woody 37.8204604399 -122.274687141 chateau bellevue 37.8122547591 -122.253474221