SudoRoom is having a Monster: ~$/bin/BASH

November 1st, 2013 | First Friday After Party Until at least 2AM | at Sudo Room

Come celebrate and help raise funds for this very special hackerspace in Oakland. (Facebook RSVP)


Join us in celebrating the first anniversary of Sudo Room’s decision to move into 2141 Broadway! Use our space as your base from which to explore the monthly First Friday Art Murmur, or hang out with us all night as we raffle off prizes and auction one-on-one training in 3D printing, javascript & node, bootstrapping your web presence, DIY bike maintenance, microcontrollers, metalworking, biohacking, access-to-knowledge legal consulting and more!

We’ll have music all night headlined by:

Disco . House . And EDM Legend .,.
International Dance Floor Banger
DjNeonLeon 🙂
cultivating and sharing his own brand of audio Love in the Sudo Room hacienda
Friday night until Saturday morning.
uplifting music for love-positive people

Sudo Mate, baked goods and homebrews available for donation!

Nov 1 – Monster: ~$/bin/BASH

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