“Today I Learned” has leveled up to “Today We Learned“!

We’ve had a lot of fun at TILs and other events (open hack nights at LOL makerspace!) learning together informally, so we’re trying out a new format for Saturday afternoons – open co-learning with time available for people to give workshops, present things they’re working on, etc.

From the wiki:

Hi everyone! We’re trying out a new experiment in co-learning.

two hours of time

Every Saturday from 2PM to 4PM (but really till whenever) in the common area of Sudo Room.

to learn together

We get to figure out what that means. What’s most useful to us? What do we want to learn? What do we want to share? How do we want to do this?

 with minimal, optional coordination beforehand


This pad has the next TWL’s date and a bunch of empty space. Share what you’re planning on working on; what you’d like to learn; if you’d like to sign up to do a workshop, do it here; if you want to give a lightning talk about some new thing you’re working on/learning, post it here (you can even post a time…like, “I’ll be giving a short talk on some new things I’ve been working on at 3PM”).

We’ll fill up the pad throughout the week and we’ll clear it out after that week’s session so that we have a nice, fresh sheet for the following week. You can share the pad with others to invite them to your workshop or to work on a topic together (for example, you can post that you’ll be learning python and then send this to everyone you know to say “hey! i’ll be learning python! if you want to work on python together, come join me!”).


come tomorrow for the first one & add what you want to learn/plan to work on on the pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/twl!

Sat 10/12: TIL Levels up to Today We Learned experiments in colearning!