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We've been trying to get a gigabit connection in Oakland/Berkeley for a while. Ideally we'd want access via a Tier 1 ISP and then self-host the VPN on that connection.

Lease fiber access + Hurricane Electric

This would mean getting fiber installed at the Omni and leasing fiber access, then using that fiber access to link to Hurricane Electric in South Fremont.

  • Fiber installation cost for Omni building: ?
  • Fiber access cheapest quote: $2200 per month
501(c)(3) organizations can get some kind of government 50% refund, so: $1100
  • Hurricane Electric gigabit Internet quote: $400. Includes 4U rackspace.

The potential solution to the crazy fiber lease cost is to talk to BART.

From an ISP

This option has the possible problem of the ISP being potentially hostile with regards to DMCA notices which would mean we wouldn't be able to run the VPN on the same connection so we'd likely have to spend an additional $400 per month to have a VPN at Hurricane Electric anyway (good gigabit VPSs that either don't care about DMCA notices are hard to find cheaper than $400).

Many ISPs also restrict sharing of the bandwidth outside of your organization.


Waiting for quote - Juul (talk).