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Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) is a peer-to-peer social network platform.


On the space.local server, there is an installation of ssb-server hosting a SSB node, with name "sudoer". It auto-follows SSB peers that it discovers on the local network, using ssb-clingy. Since visibility on the network depends on having followers, this means people can join the main SSB network just by running SSB while being present on Sudo Room's Network and running SSB. @sudoer is also running patchfoo, a web-based SSB UI. Sudo Room Members can access this UI to post to @sudoer's SSB feed or view the SSB network from its perspective.

Introduction on mailing list:

How to join SSB via Sudo Room

  • Go to Sudo Room and connect to the Network.
  • Download, install, and run an SSB app, like Patchwork, Patchbay, or Manyverse.
  • Find @sudoer in your SSB app's list of peers. Follow it. Check that it followed you.
  • Subscribe to the #sudoroom channel/hash-tag.
  • Write a post introducing yourself.
  • Follow people you know.
  • Remember to check your SSB periodically, because it won't notify you by email or phone or anything if someone mentions you or sends you a private message on the network.

How to post to SSB as @sudoer

  • SSH to space.local with command-line option -L 8027:localhost:8027
  • Go to http://localhost:8027/ in your local web browser
  • Click "compose" and write your message.
  • Click "Preview". Then click "Publish".

SSB ids associated with Sudo Room

ID Name Location Set up by
@U0uq5om3k51u4Eokk0CLYOE61cWSyY9Ex6zNj4lhTLE=.ed25519 @sudoer space.local cel
Inactive SSB ids
ID Name Last operated by
@qtoz1F39isKO79Hv1WUPWUCAxzAwdJl/YaUe83eKZxo=.ed25519 jefdaj
@MRy3wgduLcDLVgRyOkfOKb5BMnz1rAQ3EKsWG7OyNlg=.ed25519 @pubtest1 jefdaj

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