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==Inside Door==
Sudoroom has its own tiny hallway with trash cans and a private elevator opening. The interior hallway is technically outside Sudoroom, and the door, separating it should be locked when nobody's around. As the elevator is the westernmost oneprimary path for automated entry, this door's lock will be controlled by a arduino interface that activates a motor that turns a key in the dead bolt. The arduino is activated by a python script that runs on raspberry pi. is a tornado based webserver tiny Raspberry Pi. Some preliminary info about this box:
INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE DOOR CONTROLLER RASPBERRY PI{| class="wikitable"|-| hostname is "|| tamale"now has static |-| local ip of || is now on port |-| ssh || pi@ |} SSH is KEY-ONLY. follow your client instructions to use itContact Max or Yardena for the key. You can also get it here:)Don"Tamale" will implement an HTTP/CURL entry system with Max't post the s script, a tornado-based webserver written in python. When a visitor accesses a secret URL publically, and tell me when I can delete it!irc me (yardena) on freenode if any issues :)Tamale will activate a motor that turns a key in the dead bolt.

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