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Door Access

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==Inside Door==
Sudoroom has its own tiny hallway with trash cans and a private elevator opening. The hallway is technically outside Sudoroom, and the door separating it should be locked when nobody's around. As the elevator is the primary path for automated entry, this door's lock will be controlled by a tiny Raspberry Pi. Some preliminary info about this box:
| ssh || pi@
| source ||
"Tamale" will implement an HTTP/CURL entry system with Max's script, a tornado-based webserver written in python. When a visitor accesses a secret URL, Tamale will activate a motor that turns a key in the dead bolt.
***Update 12/11/2012***
Doorman lives!
ISSUE: You need to push into the door for the unlocking mechanism to work.
ISSUE: The server does not autostart upon reboot
ISSUE: Upon rebooting or reconnecting, the device may not work well. You may need to fiddle with the ground cable.
NOTE: Please contact Max or Yardena or Jae or Andrew for the secret.
NOTE: You can also unlock the door by appending '_close'.
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