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This page documents various hardware experiments started 5th of July 2016. Using new types of hardware as home nodes and external antennas and wifi usb sticks.
= Omega2 single board computer =
* Actually $5 including tax and shipping
* Single 2.4 GHz radio with on-board antenna and u.fl connector
* Has USB and ethernet but no ethernet transformer or plug.
* Power usage: Unknown but probably small.
* Runs OpenWRT
* You can order as many as you want now
* Doesn't ship until November (estimated)
= Raspberry PI zero =
* Not actually $5 since they can't keep up with demand (more like $15 on ebay)
* No wifi, no ethernet.
* A three-port USB hub with built-in ethernet and micro-usb cable is ~$3 on aliexpress
* Single micro-usb port. You can get $3
* Power usage: Unknown but probably small.
* Runs Debian (well "raspbian")
= The Next Thing Co. C.H.I.P. single board "$9 computer" =
* Power usage: Unknown but probably small.
* Actually costs $12 in CA with tax and shipping if you order the maximum of 5 units at a time
* Single 2.4 GHz wifi with no external antenna plug (not even u.fl)
* Single USB port
* Runs Debian
= Nexx WT3020F - Very cheap home node ($12.50) =
* Cheap: $12.50 shipped
* Power usage: Only 1 watt!
* Single band 2.4 GHz
* Two PCB trace antennas. No plugs, not even internal.

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