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Jerkey says DON'T USE ELECROW.
Rab ordered [ 10pcs- 2 layer PCB] four times. Each order was satisfactory. No extra charge for typical silkscreen colors. Faint marks on the pads indicate 100% e-test. No manufacturer's mark placed on either side. 2-3 extra copies were included with each order, possibly to offset any failures. No electrical failures. Some PCBs exhibited: light scratches in solder mask; minor inconsistencies in board outline routingmilling; silkscreen faded or smudged. With Shenzhen DHL shipping (~$20 extra), 7 calendar day turnaround from order placed to received. HOWEVER: most recent order was shipped via Registered Airmail rather than DHL as requested, resulting in total turnaround of 3 weeks. When contacted, Elecrow apologized and immediately refunded the difference in shipping charges. New website is operational and works fine.
Rab recommends careful review of order confirmation email.


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