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Updated details of Elecrow and OSH Park experience.
Jerkey says DON'T USE ELECROW.
Rab ordered [http 10pcs- 2 layer PCB] four seven timesover 2015 to 2018. Each order was satisfactory. No extra charge for typical silkscreen colors. Faint marks on the pads indicate 100% e-test. No manufacturer's mark placed on either side. 21-3 4 extra copies were included with each order, possibly to offset any failures. No electrical failures. Some PCBs exhibited: light scratches in solder mask; minor inconsistencies in board outline milling; silkscreen faded or smudged. With Shenzhen DHL shipping (~$20 extra), 7 calendar day turnaround from order placed to received. HOWEVER: most recent one order was shipped via Registered Airmail rather than DHL as requested, resulting in total turnaround of 3 weeks. When contacted, Elecrow apologized and immediately refunded the difference in shipping charges. New website is operational and works fine.
Rab recommends careful review of order confirmation email. Also, Chinese New Year delaying February orders is a real phenomenon.
*[ OSH Park]
Rab abused their job preview function and noticed that it doesn't appear to display tented vias properly. (Renders as untented). Better check your gerbers with [ gerbv]. Two of two orders placed had faster turnaround than expected. Good quality, a cheap option for tiny boards.


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