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'''sudomesh is a group of volunteers operating out of [ sudoroom] at [ omnicommons]. We develop software and assemble hardware systems to help build open community networks like [ People's Open], a community-owned and -operated non-profit internet infrastructure in Oakland.'''
We're a community powered project. That means that anyone can join the network if youthey're willing to help us by [ reporting bugs], improving [ software], fixing hardware, [ setting up a node], [ installing rooftop nodes], telling your friends about us, [ joining for a workshop], bring pizza to a hack session, learn about how the internet works or just being patient if something is broken :)
You can read about our progress of on our [ People's Open blog].
'''Interested to learn more and explore?''' Checkout our [[#Join Us]] section. You do not need to be technically skilled to be part of this project. We need people willing to mount gear on rooftops, folks who want to do public outreach, graphics design artists and film-makers and so much more. Show up at a monthly general meeting and get involved!

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