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Once configured with our firmware, an extender node will not start broadcasting an SSID until it is plugged into a home node because it must first get a mesh IP address.
== Extender Testing and Network Detection == If you flashedchange root password passwd Once ssh'ed into the extender node, there are few files you can play around with,`/etc/config/wireless` sets the names of the SSIDs broadcast by the antenna, you may want to change the name of the ad-hoc interface so as to distinguish it from home node's ad-hoc networkTrying changing it to something like "", then reboot the extender node and check if you can see the new name in your network list. YNext, you my be curious what you can see with your antenna, to scan for other visible networks, ssh in to the extender node and run the following, iw dev mesh0 scan | grep SSID:This should return a lengthy list of SSID, if you can see another "" SSID, you should be meshing with it automatically. If you'd like to view more info about the network you can see, you can pipe the output of the previous command to a log file like so, iw dev mesh0 scan > scan log Once you are done meshing around with your extender node make sure to reset the root password with passwd or reflash the router with the standard build of our firmware.
Log into your home node via SSH, and tail <tt>/var/log/messages</tt>


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