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== Testing and Network Detection ==
If you flashedyour extender node with a dev-build of the firmware, you should now be able to ssh into to it.It is probably easiest to first ssh in to your home node over the private interface and then into the extender node with its mesh IP. First, you should immediately change or disable the root passwordand instead add your ssh key to `/etc/dropbear/authorized_key` (this method of login will not work when sshing through a home node)
There should be a debug message in the log from notdhcpserver concerning the extender node.
== Troubleshooting ==
=== USB to Serial Connection ===
If you experience trouble flashing your device via the web interface, or via the TFTP image upload method, you'll want to establish a serial connection to troubleshoot further. Methods for flashing your device involving a serial connection may become more common as devices adopt configurations to lock down [ wi-fi router firmware] to prevent flashing.


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