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'''People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 26 June 2018 7:30pm-9pm'''
'''People's Open Network Weekly Meeting - 12 June 2018 7:30pm-9pm'''
* https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Safer_Space_Policy
* https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Safer_Space_Policy

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* Updates & Reportbacks (20 mins)
* Updates & Reportbacks (20 mins)
* Next Sunday (5 mins)
* Next Sunday (5 mins)
* Proposal X: (15 mins)
* Discussion: Review what we've been up to, what's up next (15 mins)
* Discussion: Re-cap from meeting with lawyer (15 mins)
* Discussion (5min): There is this kanban board, should we review it each meeting to keep up to date? https://github.com/orgs/sudomesh/projects/2
* Discussion Z (15 mins)
* Action Items (5 mins)
* Action Items (5 mins)
* Breakout Groups

== Pre-Meeting ==
=== Introductions ===
* Detroit: RocketFiber does not donate bandwidth ($600/mo $400 for bandwidth and $200 for roof rental) - Donated connectivity, prolly not if we were a for-profit - 123net is donating bandwidth and also donating an IP block
Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response; BRIEF Announcements
** Right now, pay $600/mo for bandwidth - airfiber between 2 bui;ldings - $200 for roof, $400 for internet
* Icebreaker question: favorite app
** Dan Gilbert "shadow mayor" of detroit, owner of cavaliers, owns many of the big buildings in =town
* mai - she/they - duckduckgo app - storquest said they talked to higher ups and they can't give us roofspace for less than 2k/mo :-( :-( :-(
** services within the communities?
** sierk - guessing that tthe cost must have to do with granting access to the rooftop. they probably calculate a risk about how much work/hassle it would be... can we list them as--what's the opposite of a community partner?
** ben - is that the only building that we can get a line of site from?
** mai - no, that's just the place paxio seemed most interested in. i have a feeling they want us to establish some sort of infra up there. but reed bros which is on telegraph has a line of site maybe and we have a relationship them.
** someone - my brother in law used to work there for a long time
** jehan - i would suggest contacting the building that's going up, tell them we have a gigabit from paxio. probably enough for that building and us.
** bengo - lets keep movin along
** sierk- is it okay that we have a hop?
* seth - he/they - antenna pod open source podcast app. couple people came in last sunday. can't remember their names. tried to flash a router but didnt have a usb eth adapter. will have one next time.
* sierk - no favorite app. need to find something thats better than kindle on my phone. once i do it will be my favorite. been working on disaster radio. hope to have some cool disaster radio apps ready in a few days. pulled 3 all-nighters. actually my favorite app is definitely camera!
* sven - nickname sven - no favorite app, but i am a programmer, so my IDEs. just here to see if you need help.
** bengo - check http://peoplesopen.net/helpwanted for issues that need help
* sachi - stopped using a smart phone a while back. have happily not gone back. maps.me is a good one though. handy if you don't have wifi in a foreign country. interested in finding out what you're up to now. last time i checked in was a couple years back.
* bengo - prefer they, but he is okay - favorite app is gitlab. really good for continuous deployment.
* benny - he/they - favorite app is instagram but am not a connoiseur. also mountain (the app game thing).
* jehan - he/him - favorite app... i go on twitter a lot. crash royale is good too. card game with monsters. feels like strategy is involved.
* blake - gameboy advance emulator is favorite app, megaman something something. looking for people to battle with over emulated link cable.

late arrivals
*shawn - favorite game crypt of the necrodancer
*leslie - i have a lot of philosophical and aesthetic issues with most of the ways that we currently experience technology. i dont like how our communication is mediated with other people through apps. but if i had to choose a favorite app, some animated cats, or a go practice app, or signa.

=== Introductions ===
* jenny-remote-belated: apologies, i am absentee and belated to the notes! she/her. fav app right now is Wigle (WiFi wardriving!) - still finishing video wit robb. hope to have something before leaving town for 3 weeks ~July 4th. several updates in the notes below.
Introduce yourself: Name; Preferred Pronoun; Icebreaker Response; BRIEF Announcements
* Icebreaker question: favorite summer food
* uri heru house - boston cooler, ginger ale + ice cream, blended fluffy
* mai - she/her/they/them - japanese ice dish, green tea and whatnot on it
** We sent the specs for Storquest for the mount on their building on Friday. We also presented the possibility of listing them as a "community partner" if they would be open to negotiating the rental fee down or away entirely.
* eve - pistachio ice cream
* sierk - no english name for it, salad w/ iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, leek, onion, and raw herring. yesterday i had poke nachos.
* robb - i like corned beef. i love corned beef.
* marc - he/him. i like mango.
* jenny - she/her. ahi nachos were good. cold things are good. dot icecream.
** Asked similar questions of LOLspace. Sent them a proposal for the mount. Can reuse for future contact w/ consensus-based orgs.
** They supposedly met last week. I saw people active on the doc, but haven't heard anything back yet. I think it's a really busy time for them.
* ben - he/they - really like blueberries. growing up in mississippi we just had them around. go out and eat unlimited blueberries.
* jehan - he/him - i guess pistachio ice cream is probably good. the one with the dots sounds good too.
* benny - he/him - The other day, I had a homemade granita that was delicious. I would eat that again.
** Next week I'm going to start teaching kinda parttime in the mornings at Mission Bit. They're a nonprofit that does afterschool web programming classes for high school students at no cost.
** I'm hoping that I'm not totally exhausted every day and will keep showing up to meetings.
* blake - I like New Orleans style (with cream) snow cones. If you know where I can get a snow cone in the bay, let me know.
* angela - I love watermelon in the summer.
* max - Hotdogs!
** I brought this basket of stuff! Hardhats, construction vests, a small drill, etc. Be sure to scuff up your new hardhat in advance so folks know you're legit.

=== Meeting Roles ===
=== Meeting Roles ===
* Facilitator/s: Blake
* Facilitator/s: Ben
* Stacktaker: Mai
* Stacktaker:  
* Timekeeper: Jenny
* Timekeeper:
* Notetaker/s: Ben, Benny
* Notetaker/s: Benny  
** URL of this pad: https://peoplesopen.net/notes
** URL of this pad: https://peoplesopen.net/notes

== Check in on previous action items ==
== Check in on previous action items ==
Check previous meeting minutes at https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/Minutes and past action items below:
Check previous meeting minutes at https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/Minutes and past action items below:
* schedule mozilla hackathon
* create github issue for website for security FAQ
* scrounge up things to add to newsletter (everyone)
** mai: im interested in helping as a way to learn more about security
* meet in a group and draft a security FAQ / put security info on the FAQ on the website (benny + ?)
** sierk: talked to ben about this last week. people have to be responsible for their own security--not secure by virtue of using the network. since we're an educational nonprofit it makes sense to have educational materials.
** ben - this is something I'm also trying to address in my current wiki updating campaign. hmu?
** mai: also important to emphasize that it's not any less secure than any other network
** bengo: maybe a comparison table sudomesh vs. normal isp
== Hackathon updates ==
** sierk: could also make a security team. would be good for us to have people dedicated to this.
* Google doc with draft: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jaMwjvCEiNETpSZRHJlmGPBWgi6vErHHTNoXVBOi2ow/edit#
** bengo: quarterly security review.
** benny - mai + jenny + others? wrote script for video. need to make video.
** ben - https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Category:Stale is underway now. Contributions to fix these pages are greatly appreciated, but especially https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/Network_Topology and https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/Technical_Overview
** Mai - we wrote a bunch, most of the questions are the same as last time

== Updates & Reportbacks ==
== Updates & Reportbacks ==
=== Bugs/Technical ===
=== Bugs/Technical ===
Priority bugs we need help with are located at: http://peoplesopen.net/helpwanted - For a high-level overview of recent Github activity, see the Trello: https://trello.com/invite/b/r9l5ouQ4/3b2eecd83bb9e7a57a339cf1ee038288/sudo-mesh-github-repos
Priority bugs we need help with are located at: http://peoplesopen.net/helpwanted - For a high-level overview of recent Github activity, see the Trello: https://trello.com/invite/b/r9l5ouQ4/3b2eecd83bb9e7a57a339cf1ee038288/sudo-mesh-github-repos
* Mary Jo + Terry's internet is down — does it have to do with recent exit node upgrades?
* Benny: fixed a peoples-open front bug #1, also fixed the monitor so it shows when a node was actually last seen
** ben - I can't ping Chuck's place from either exit node (19:51:41 12/06/2018)
* Jenny-remote-belated: video primarily delayed cuz we were trying to film nodes flashed with v.0.3 pre-release that Grant deployed last week (yay! ty grant! now errybody test it!) - had some issues following the walkthrough (and assorted technical difficulty circus I won't bore you with, but may write a satirical post about at some point this summer :P). Updated the Walkthrough to reflect autoconf as well as node port standards on latest batch of N600s: https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/WalkThrough
*** I just hit Chuck up via RocketChat and email (CC'd Mai)
** also marc & friendz made this rad demo video of the disaster.radio working prototype: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dosXMXaU94

=== Node Mounts & Outreach ===
=== Node Mounts & Outreach ===
Node Mounts Trello: https://trello.com/invite/b/DtzngKaM/49e1c21fc9da199fcdeceb8623b5117a/node-mounts
Node Mounts Trello: https://trello.com/invite/b/DtzngKaM/49e1c21fc9da199fcdeceb8623b5117a/node-mounts
* Update from Archive Tower mount  
* eenblam-remote: since StorQuest seems like a no-go, can we make Reed Bros. happen this week? I'm available after Wednesday.
** jenny: sent e-mail to brewster + jonah, who said pief's not really involved anymore. there is going to be activity on the tower soon, so it might be a good time to install stuff. richmond open wifi? they want to come to a meeting and figure something out with us. they also want to be able to turn off their services w/o repercussions. their happy to say that we're working together.
* bengo: are they ready and waiting?
* LolSpace
* mai: ya someone talked to them about a mount and they seemed down — last person who said they would get in touch was lesley
** waiting to hear back. seems to be a busy time.
* ACTION bengo: reach out to lesley to pick up communication thread. Schedule time with Reed Bros
* bengo: I could go thursday or friday this week
* jehan: I could go friday
* mai: I could go thurs or fri
* jenny-remote-belated: with the videomaking deadline, reflashed livelabs node(s) - 2 more gateways, + 2 extender nodes (pointing NW toward Scott and SE to Hearth - third pointing SW to be connected once we reroute cableage as the kitchen power scene is currently a clusterfuck o.0)
* jenny-remote-belated: heard back from lolspace/liberate 23rd ave tonight! - "We had another meeting and approved the mesh network; we just need to make sure the wiring doesn't get in the way of the tenants and we'll need the antenna taken down for a bit while we redo our roof sometime in the next 2 years-ish. What do we need to do next to get rolling with this? I'm cc'ing Jen, our point person at Oakland Community Land Trust, who's also interested in maybe having an antenna set up at her spot too. Please contact her directly. Thanks! "
** also gonna attempt fixing david & niki node and bringing a node to First They Came for the Homeless for their meeting Thursday... that is if we ever escape videomaking purgatory...
* jenny-remote-belated: created this aspirational network topology diagram for 2018 while working on video: https://github.com/sudomesh/propaganda/tree/master/infographics/2018_Network_Goals_Roadmap

=== Communications & Events ===
=== Communications & Events ===
Comms Trello: https://trello.com/invite/b/f3ugMPNU/94033ee6c2cef93fc1b1637b727c902a/sudo-mesh-communications // Events Trello: https://trello.com/invite/b/Y3XfDK85/2b6fcb4fa92788609692a53a96fb4614/peoples-open-events
Comms Trello: https://trello.com/invite/b/f3ugMPNU/94033ee6c2cef93fc1b1637b727c902a/sudo-mesh-communications // Events Trello: https://trello.com/invite/b/Y3XfDK85/2b6fcb4fa92788609692a53a96fb4614/peoples-open-events
* Send things for newsletter
* Sudo Mesh Comms Channels Venn Diagram: https://github.com/sudomesh/propaganda/blob/master/infographics/meshcomms_venndiagram.png
* benny: we went as a group to b4bel4b to see an exhibit on internet and surveillance. Would anyone be interested to go to MOAD as a group to see this exhibit -- https://www.moadsf.org/exhibition/digitalia-art-the-economy-of-ideas/
* bengo, mai: +1
* sierk - if we like how this working process went, maybe we should reflect on whether we want to continue setting our own deadlines for future projects?
* jenny-remote-belated: Decentralized Web summit folks offered me a ticket. When I asked how many from sudomesh I could +1, they said, "We'd love to invite the sudomesh community but would they be willing to volunteer in exchange?  We could offer them a $50 ticket with a four-hour volunteer shift.  Here's the thing:  each attendee costs the Internet Archive $536, so with the sliding scale, the only way we can break even is if there is enough $750 tickets sold to cover the $400 non-profit tix.  But we really need good volunteers to run the time clocks, organize the participants in a room, man registration, etc.  So if sudomesh members are willing to do that, we'd welcome as many as want to come."
** adding email to the events trello, just indicate "sudo mesh" for discount ticket - ping me if you need my freebie, am down to swap!
** I also mentioned that we were discussing hosting an unconferency/informal-style event the weekend after the conf, and they said, "There's nothing planned the weekend after, so by all means, host as many folks as will stick around for the weekend! We're happy to hand out flyers with registration or help get the word out in any way."
*** mentioned this also separately to Gunner (AspirationTech), who said, "Sounds cool! Keep me posted. We would be happy to chip is with some funds for food and bevs." (didn't ask him directly to participate, was just feeling out the decentralized web sitch)
* jenny-remote-belated: reminder: will be presenting at Our Networks in Toronto ~July 14th - can you come? perhaps we could allocate some funds from the mozilla grant to travel sponsorships? juul will also be presenting http://fread.ink at HOPE (sierk, this would be your kindle replacement app...appstore!)
=== Internal Logistics / Finance ===
=== Internal Logistics / Finance ===
Internal Logistics & Bureaucracy Trello: https://trello.com/invite/b/LzVQlW3X/1bb8bd543c8633688175365d2554c2c2/internal-logistics-bureaucracy-brainstorms
Internal Logistics & Bureaucracy Trello: https://trello.com/invite/b/LzVQlW3X/1bb8bd543c8633688175365d2554c2c2/internal-logistics-bureaucracy-brainstorms
* See our notes from meeting with lawyer:  
* Discussion (5min): bengo: There is this kanban board, should we review it each meeting to keep up to date? https://github.com/orgs/sudomesh/projects/2
* sierk: we discussed moving away from github. what if we just used trello and set this up when we get on gitlab?
* blake: I'd argue against using gitlab because github is important for maintaining visibility to our project
* sierk: ya i agree. i think we should definitely mirror our repos on github so something is still there. marc felt pretty strongly about github.
* sven: have you heard of framasoft, non profit which motto is "let's de-googlize internet". provide a bunch of collaborative software.  (blog in french : https://framablog.org/_
* bengo: im gonna go to the trello board that exists and see if it's already set up for what im going for here. my primary concern is about having a single place where we can send people to find out what's being worked on.
* mai: i think in general we should look at our trellos during these meetings, so its not an extra step to go there and drag the cards around
* jenny-remote-belated: worked pretty intensely to set up the trello boards, which are also integrated with the rocketchat - but so is github. this kanban board looks firmware-specific... internal logistics / bureaucracy trello is principally: brainstorms/roadmap, finance/fundraising, gov't filings, and nonprofit docs (eg 501c3 letter, business plan, insurance leads, bylaws etc)
** See also: Sudo Mesh Communications Handbook (WIP): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sY8w5bfM3rdLz2ODSJ201u1yvI5GlKjoqlXnLbx5VAY/edit#
** See also: Organizational chart: https://github.com/sudomesh/propaganda/blob/master/infographics/mesg_orgchart2.png
== Next Sunday ==
== Next Sunday ==
=== Node Mount ===
=== Node Mount ===
We try to arrange a rooftop node mount every Sunday afternoon. Ongoing spreadsheet is located at: https://peoplesopen.net/sundays
We try to arrange a rooftop node mount every Sunday afternoon. Ongoing spreadsheet is located at: https://peoplesopen.net/sundays
* Next Sunday's mount:  
* Next Sunday's mount:  
** ~~ben - propose we work on WINS~~ nevermind cryptoparty happening
* a wild lesley appears
* lesley - one of the ones i was excited about is delayed because jeff moved. am excited about it because we'd have 2 four-story buildings in a neighborhood of 2-story buildings.
* bengo and lesley plan to coordinate about reed brothers
* mai - a guy who lived in jeff's building named john henry came by--i can send you his email

=== Office Hours ===
=== Office Hours ===
We host office hours every Sunday from 1-2pm in Sudo Room. To sign up for a shift, fill in your name here: https://ethercalc.org/byoi_office_hours
We host office hours every Sunday from 1-2pm in Sudo Room. To sign up for a shift, fill in your name here: https://ethercalc.org/byoi_office_hours
* Next Sunday's volunteer:  
* Next Sunday's volunteer: benny volunteers, mai is backup, lesley will probably be there too (but is organizing a 7pm machine learning discussion group at sudo)
* Notes from this past Sunday's session:  
* Notes from this past Sunday's session:  
copied from seth's update: tried to flash a router but didnt have a usb eth adapter. will have one next time.
== Discussion: Meeting with Jesse ==
* mai: we made some moves to clean up our wiki in preparation for the grant proposal, so we could continue that this office hours
* we went around the table and cehcked what kinds of questions we had:
* theme: wiki and project ergonomics
** worker owned coop vs. member/consumer owned coop
** when to have separate legal entitites vs. one legal entity
* we took take-away notes:
* max: don't think it's a good idea to start paying people to do mesh work. seems like you could start burning people who have already put in a lot of effort and who are not going to get paid. I wanted to get into this as a fun thing to do, not as a second job.
*mai: one of the things jessie clarified for us. there's different things that need to be done: making the firmware, updating it, going out and mounting gear on roofs. sudo mesh has already been very open. if there's people in the community that feel like something needs to be done there's nothing stopping them from going to start a worker owned coop or similar. it definitely makes it more exclusive if it's volunteer based because it excludes people who don't have lots of free time to work on it. what jessie recommended is retaining the sudo mesh organization and then whoever is interested can create a different spinoff entity (or entitites) - especially for different types of liability (eg; installing, running a VPN, etc) - and lots of different types of skills/interest levels. it seems like there's enough interest from people in the group that want to build some kind of spin-off organization (like for worker co-operative) that would be willing to do work for peoples open
this meeting really clarified
* max: i used to work in an observatory, where there were paid staff that would clean the bathrooms, and volunteers would teach kids. then some volunteers started getting paid, and the rest of the volunteers disappeared. i don't see how we can pay people w/ just a 10k grant.
* ben: re: convo with jesse - compartmentalization of things was also discussed. no one in the group has to make the decision to make a group / org / worker coop. nothing to stop people from organizing to get people online, or start another 501c3, etc - nothing preventing a plurality of entities existing. eg; an org dedicated to the backbone (eg working with paxio) - we can have many of those - not a decision task of sudo mesh but rather the decentralized nature of the mesh itself encourages it. Discussion with Jesse included how can we leverage this to reduce our liability, increase our resiliency, and give ourselves more options moving forward.
* jenny: along those same lines. one of the educational services that sudo mesh can provide in staying as a fully volunteer organization is how to build out coops or non-profits and documenting how to build coalitions around building out e.g. a bayt area wide network. documenting different organizational models / entity structures / organizational sustainability.
* jehan: i think the core characteristic of a mesh is that people own their own hardware. so it makes a lot of sense that there would be professionals that know how to service the hardware. i don't know how much it needs to be in the official venue of sudomesh, but at the same time there are a lot of different related projects that people bring to the group auxiliary (garden mesh)
* marc: how we're talking about structuring is just recapitlating how the internet works already in practice - has been twisted in this weird corporate way in the US, but other orgs (eg Guifi) already had this model and are a good example. Why we separated the network from the nonprofit - on advice from wlan-slovenia to allow other non- or for-profits to form and join / extend the network.
* benny: Jesse cited other instances of all-volunteer nonprofits who started paying people and failed. Also mentioned Riseup as an org that grew to a size that they simply had to start paying people
* mai: non profit has a public purpose, and everything it does have to meet that purpose. the non-profit can apply for funding to support different projects that align with their public purpose goals. whereas the worker coop can do things specifically for its workers. how to have these two models work together, and what the pros and cons are, is something I think we should think about. how to get them to work together beneficially.
* sierk: meeting wasn't about how we start paying people - rather, if we do, pros and cons of different strategies. decision would be made in a convo with this group. one takeaway is that a worker coop is not always the solution, can sometimes be better as an llc. since our mission is specific to educational activities. as a non-profit, we can provide recommended business models or ways of working with our materials or contracting with us that we would support.
** jenny - can actually provide paid services and even services outside the scope - just capped at a certain %age of income and may have to pay Unrelated Business Income Tax
* robb - we should figure out our scope - do we want to provide for Oakland, CA, the USA? Can we provide a roadmap for what will get us there?
** Seemed like he felt strongly from separating the educational aspect from the infrastructure aspect
** Had a lot to say about being a nonprofit and paying people / maintaining infrastructure. Felt like a worker coop might be riskier / more unknowns.
* eve - does everyone know about the east bay broadband consortium?
** jenny - seemed like it was maybe out of date? i contacted them a while ago fairly formally, but I don't think they responded. but that was a while ago.
** jenny - two last bullet points from jesse meeting -- might want to minimize the sudomesh board to 3 people with no assets, and change model to use a membership governance structure. the members can vote to remove the board at any time (they're like a puppet board that's just there to be liable). and that we should probably get officers liability insurance asap.
** ben - next steps for me were going to be to write up what one possible worker coop or other entity might really look like and how it would interact with sudomesh. have a more concrete strategy for what we would do as an organization, for instance, we could talk about what kinds of insurance sudomesh wants to have, etc.
** sierk - maybe after we get this grant in, let's plan a barbecue and chat about this more! i definitely want to hear more from max, and I think leslie too had some reservations. thinking we should hang out and chat more and get on the same page.
** jenny - also, action item: talk to an OSHA consultant for an hour or two. We shoulid do that anyway. Maybe someone in the community would do it pro bono; I wouldn't mind paying someone, either.
*** jehan - i used to do construction and we did not abide by the OSHA rules, but we should here!
** robb - are we putting the cart ahead of the horse? i.e. what if we don't get the grant money.
** sierk - yeah but we might have another grant coming up in three months. we want to be on the same page before the money is there. then people really might walk away because they're upset. i think we can be on the same page, but im not sure if we are right now.
** mai - i think there's a lot of potential to do crowdfunding. i don't think it's just going ot be grant money dropped on us. there's a lot of people in silicion valley who make al ot of money and realize how broken the internet is, and they want to be involved in a project to fix it. and they want to be involved is to throw money at it. and if we can be there to accept that, it could be good. i think we can't just wait for a grant--there's a lot of interest in this project, there's a lot of people that want to be involved. fundraising isn't just about taking people's money, it's about finding ways to help people be involved in something they believe in. the narrative about how we're doing it, our organizational structure, etc. is tied to how we raise money.
** jehan - monkey brains did a kickstart. they were offering their existing ISP service, but in a kickstarter format. they definitely pulled that off.
** sierk - one of the things in the mozilla thing that seemed is important is being open with our code and resources, as well as the code of conduct. not necessarily the content, but that a code exists, so that if they run into an issue, they know where to go. i heard from jenny that we adopted the sacred space policy from the omni. would be good if we have something. treat people w/ respect, no racism, bullying. a place where people can anonymously report behavior. maybe next week we can decide on a temporary formulation of that. if people want to help out making a proposal we could do that on saturday or sunday.
** blake - id be open if you just choose one yourself and then we can ammend it next week.
** sierk - i already linked one standard one. maybe we can just add a link somewhere. it's not on our wiki or our website.
** ben: temperature check--would people be okay with asking on social media what people would want to see in a community network? what they're interested in, etc.? blog posts.
== Accessibility / Code / Code of Conducts / Contributer Files etc ==
via Sierk:
* Assuming we have no "code of conduct" yet, I couldn't find one on our wiki nor website. I (=Sierk) propose to adopt a "code of conduct" for contributors to Sudo Mesh projects.
  A version that is commonly used by open source communities (including by Mozilla for example) is the "Contributor Covenant".
  We could use it as-is, adapt it to our missions/values, but we could also write our own.
  UPDATE: According to Jenny, Sudo Mesh already adopted Omni's Statement of Solidarity, if this is sufficient as code of conduct***, this proposal might turn out to be superflucious.
  Instead, the proposal would be to adding references/links, to what we already adopted, on our website and in the README files in our git repos, etc.
  (**what about, for example, about the Safer Space Policy, did we adopt those also? do we want/need to adopt that or something like that?)
* Contributor Covenant: https://www.contribu tor-covenant.org/version/1/4/code-of-conduct
* Omni's Statement of Solidarity: https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Founding_Document#Statement_of_Solidarity
* Omni's Safer Space Policy: https://omnicommons.org/wiki/Safer_Space_Policy
* '''Consenso?'''
** General consenso (Mai, Jenny, Ben, others..?)
* https://github.com/sudomesh/codeofconduct exists now! Hack away!

== Action Items ==
== Action Items ==
* meet in a group and draft a security FAQ / put security info on the FAQ on the website (benny + ?)
* create github issue about making faq/security page on website (benny)
* leslie to email me eenblam, whoever else about Reed Bros (leslie)
== Breakout Groups ==
* talk to commons building that is being built and will block our LOS to paxio (jehan)
At the end of the meeting, break out into small groups to hack on or discuss specific topics.
* follow up with b4bel4b about doing a mount and about when our office hours and meetings are because one of the artists is interested in coming (mai)
* follow up with hearth node mount (blake)
** eenblam - I have Hearth's nanobeam at my place. Can reflash and take by there, or we can use a different one. Whatever's clever.
*** jenny-remote-belated: yay! livelabs nodes are back online, ping me and/or marc so we can coordinate aiming!
* [sierk]: research rise up and austin yellow bike project about non-profits transitioning to paying people. contact them, ask them what they're willing to share. (sierk in 2 weeks)
* finish video [jenny/robb]
* circle back with lolspace/liberate 23rd ave [jenny]
* circle back w/ archive folks & peef [jenny/juul]

== Last Meeting Notes ==
== Last Meeting Notes ==
* link to previous meeting minutes
* https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/12_June_2018

== End of Meeting ==
== End of Meeting ==
* please archive these meeting notes by copying the entire pad contents onto the sudomesh wiki with the correct date format: https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/DD_MM_YYYY
* please archive these meeting notes by copying the entire pad contents onto the sudomesh wiki with the correct date format: https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/DD_Mon_YYYY
* then please erase the contents of this pad
* then please erase the contents of this pad
* then please cut & paste a blank template from here: https://sudoroom.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=Mesh/Mesh_Meeting_Notes_Template&action=edit
* then please cut & paste a blank template from here: https://sudoroom.org/mediawiki/index.php?title=Mesh/Mesh_Meeting_Notes_Template&action=edit
* previous meeting notes are archived here: https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/Minutes
* previous meeting notes are archived here: https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Mesh/Minutes


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