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== Interface IP ==# Enter '''Configuration''' Mode<br />[[File:PIX ConfigureMode.png|link=]]# From the '''Device Setup''' Menu, Select '''Interfaces'''<br />[[File:PIX InterfacesMenu.png|link=]]# Select the interface who's settings you want to modify and click '''Edit'''<br />[[File:PIX_Interfaces.png|link=]]# Enter new '''IP Address''' and '''Subnet Mask'''. Click '''OK'''. <br />REDIRECT [[File:PIX InterfaceEdit.png|link=Network]]# Click '''Apply'''.== Default Gateway ==This need only be done if you're modifying the Internet connection.# But wait! What about the '''default gateway'''! Expand the '''Routing''' menu option and select '''Static Routes'''<br />[[File:PIX StaticRouteMenu.png|link=]]# There should only be one entry, it should have the IP Address (This means ALL traffic). Select it and click '''Edit'''<br />[[File:PIX StaticRoutes.png|link=]]# Enter the new '''Gateway IP''' and click '''OK'''<br />[[File:PIX StaticRouteEdit.png|link=]]# Click '''Apply'''. == Congratulations ==You've successfully change the IP information!

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