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Mesh/Accounting/28 August 2018

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Sudo Mesh Accounting WG Meeting #5 - 08/28/2018

= Agenda =
* Intros & Intention-setting
* Overview of income, expenses & assets as well as current/draft policies
* Discussion: Buying (a) ladder(s)
* Action Items

= Attendees =
* jenny
* benny
* ben e.
* mai

= Overview Current Moneypaths & Policies =
* Sudo Mesh Projected Budget:
* Budget/Fundraising
* Sudo Mesh Fiscal Policies & Procedures (DRAFT):
* Internal Logistics & Bureaucracy Trello Board:

= Discussion: Buying (a) ladder(s) =
* Grant's suggestion - - highly portable, ~$200
* Omni needs a taller ladder (last one was stolen) - Jenny will talk with Robb about best options and potential shared use with Sudo Mesh
* ben - I'm in favor of any ladder purchases, up to (somewhat arbitrarily) 4 ladders
* benny - me too
* jenny buys stuff for now because we don't have cards yet
* mai is in favor of buying up to 2 ladders
* mai submits ladder purchace request via our incredible web form

= Discussion: Travel and Conference Reg Fees Reimbursements =
* jenny: Maybe we can have some limit for domestic travel vs. international travel for conference (eg up to $200, up to $500)
** this summer for instance - dweb summit registration fees, ournetworks travel
* mai: Ideally we'd approve it before the event. What if anyone who wants to be reimbursed for something puts in a request into
* Proposal to present at the general meeting tonight —
** For expenses spent on attending conferences to represent Sudo Mesh, they must request beforehand to get approval
** Anyone who wants to be reimbursed for their discounted DWeb summit reg fees is approved
** Anyone who traveled to represent Sudo Mesh at conferences during Summer 2018 can request a stipend/reimbursement of up to $200 for domestic trips and $500 for international trips while still subject to approval from Accounting WG and submission of receipts

= Reviewing accounting wg procedure =
* From June 5th proposal
** Up to $500 each Accounting WG member can spend on the card without approval, with their discretion. Above $500, you need pre-approval from Accounting WG, above $2000 we need approval from 5 signatures/email consent from board members
** Ben: need to go through this procedure for the air fibers
** Jenny: both are under 2k actually
** Benny: nice
* Benny updated

= Action Items =
* Discuss with Robb about best options for a taller 20+ ft ladder and potential shared use with Sudo Mesh - jenny
* Follow up on Beneficial account - jenny
* Follow up on insurance quote - contingent on updating budget & business plan

= Last Meeting Notes =

= End of Meeting =
* please archive these meeting notes by copying the entire pad contents onto the sudomesh wiki
* then please erase the contents of this pad
* then please cut & paste a blank template from here:
* previous meeting notes are archived here:



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