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* 1 ~10 - Really powerful nice wireless router* ~10 - Wireless Access Points (APs)like the Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-Pro or better.* ~5 - Low-power Switchesgigabit switches
===Wishlist (in progress) ===
If this 'wish list' becomes a reality will get us with a solid backbone network; for a good amount of years to come.
Anyway, We are listing two racks, a 2 and 4 post racks. But, if $ is an issue then I suggest that we make the effort to get one 4 post rack with [ square holes]. This [ 4 post rack] would be able to handle switches and rack servers as well. Also essential, if chosen to have a CAT6A backbone, connectors, patch panels, cables should be CAT6A. Otherwise if one of those items is CAT5 or CAT5e, then the network will go for the lowest Category available.
-Wiring Scheme to be used: T568B.
-Sudo and all Omni Collective members participation is very welcome; ask/answer/suggest/comment/etc.
'''PLEASE READ:''' We got the racks, and some horizontal cable management parts. We NEED to review what way we are going in regards of cable, CAT5e? CAT6? CAT6A? At this point, Aug 05, 2014, I am okay either way: CAT6 or CAT6A. What this means is that this list below is not final, neither the vendor showed below. We should consider Leviton also, good and less expensive than Panduit.. Thanks, Daniel.
-Prices listed below are as reference only and are not including shipping. We need to research if we can find a cheaper vendor. -Also, please notice that we are listing two racks, a 2 post and a 4 post rack, assuming that we want them. But, because the $ factor we could just choose one 4 post rack only, that I believe can handle Switches and Servers and the amount of them that we currently have. But eventually with expected grow we may need to separate these two groups. Having these two racks now will keep things in their permanent (Or long term) place, and reduce the overhead work that only one rack will provide. -VERY IMPORTANT: Please don't be shy to ask, comment, or provide suggestions; Sudo (and Omni) members participation is very welcome.
* Switch Rack(We got it!)* Server Rack(Expected arrival Thu 2014.07.31 or Fri 2014.08.01)
* Patch Panel for Switch Rack (2RU)
* Patch Panel for Server Rack (1RU)
* RJ45 Connectors
* Mini-Com Surface Mount Box
* Network CAT6A Bulk Cable
* Network CAT6A Patch Cable
* Vertical Cable Management Trays
* Horizontal Cable Management Tray
* Miscellaneous
* Tools
'''Switch Rack:'''(We got it!)
** Quantity: 1
** Item: Panduit 2 Post Modular NET FRAME™ Rack
** Accessories: Not included in price shown above, we need to discuss which ones should we getting.
'''Server Rack:''' (Expected arrival Thu 2014.07.31 or Fri 2014.08.01)
** Quantity: 1
** Item: Panduit 4 Post Rack
** Manufacturer: Panduit
** Part #: R4P R4PCN ** Item Details: [ Documentation] - ** - [ Brutal 200MB size mp4 video!pdf Installation Instructions Here]** Price: [http 2076263.aspx $973824.3399]
** Accessories: Not included in price shown above, we need to discuss which ones should we getting.
** Manufacturer: Panduit
** Part #: CPPL48M6BLY
** Item Details: [ Details Here ] [ -*- and hereInstallInstructions/PN207C.pdf Installation Instructions Here]
** Price: [ $62.12]
** Manufacturer: Panduit
** Part #: CPPL24M6BLY
** Item Details: [ Details Here ] [ Installation Instructions Here ]
** Price: [ $39.45]
** Manufacturer:
** Part Number: CJ6X88TGAW-24
** Item details: [ Details Here ] [ Installation Instructions Here ]
** Price: $
'''RJ45 Connectors:'''
** Quantity: 1 20** Item: 248-position, 8-wire modular plug, for use with 28 AWG, Category 6, UTP copper cable.
** Manufacturer:
** Part Number: SP628-C** Item details: [ Details Here] [ Installation Instructions Here]
** Price: $
'''Mini-Com Surface Mount Box:'''
** Quantity: 1 20** Item: 20Mini-Com® surface mount box accepts up to two Mini-Com® Modules. Includes built-in removable blank to add a second module. Dimensions: 1.06"H x 1.95"W x 3.65"L (27.0mm x 49.5mm x 92.7mm)
** Manufacturer:
** Part Number: CBX2AW-AY** Item details: [ Details Here] [ Installation Instructions Here]
** Price: $
'''Network CAT6A UTP Bulk Cable:'''** Quantity: 2000 1000 Feet ** Item: Category 6A UTP Copper Cable** Manufacturer:** Part Number: CMP** Item details: [ Details Here]** Price: [ $325]Learning more about CAT6A: [ How to select Cable by Panduit] and [ Leviton CAT 6A Reference Guide (Very Good!) ]. NOTE: We also accept CAT5e donationsfor non-backbone use.
'''Network CAT6A UTP Patch Cable:'''
** Quantity: 24
** Item: Category 6A UTP Copper Cable
** Manufacturer:
** Part Number:
** Item details: 4'-6' Length
** Price: $
NOTE: We also accept CAT5e donations.
'''Vertical Cable Management Trays'''
** Quantity: 2
** Item:
** Price: $
'''Horizontal Cable Management Tray'''(We got some donated!)
** Quantity: 1
** Item:
** Price: $
'''Miscellaneous :'''*Cagenuts and screws (We got them!)* Wire ties** A roll of Velcro* Anything else??? TOOLS: I have a set that we can use. === Questions/Answers/Comments ===Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014:I've not done the walk-through yet because of the somewhat restricted access to the whole building, so no photos. 1.- Based on the current equipment and envisioning the future of Sudo-SudoMesh(-Omni) what size room do we need? 2.- How is the potential room airflow? 3.- How is temperature of the room, now and during the Summer? 4.- Are there electrical outlets nearby? 5.- Do we have enough Amps in that area? 6.- If not, do we need to install a circuit breaker box with scalability? 7.- Room's accessibility? 8.- Security: Who and when people have access to it when no Sudoers are present? 9.- What type of racks, 2 or 4 of both size rack? or no this of rack? Someone mentioned a wall mount rack in the open? 10.- If 2 or 4 post rack, should we get CAT6A ready? This means that at least the backbone wiring, Patch panel, and connectors need to be CAT6A. '''Questions from others fellow hackers:''' 11.- What do you think about Someone's suggestion of going for a wall rack instead [ Selecting a Wall Mount Rack]? 12.- Can we find someone to bend chicken-wire into the tracks we need to hang from the ceiling? === SERVER ROOM UPDATES ==='''2014/07/05:''' Today Luis, Matt, and I did the walk in the building, and so far the only place that seems themost appropriate to have the server room is the room by the bar. This area is the most ideal in the whole building because the air flow,temperature, electricity proximity, and also because it is where theInternet access enters the building. Since this area is not is not part of the SudoRoom space, we will haveto talk about it with the rest of the Sudo-Mesh group and the group approves it, then we would have to present the idea at our Omni Collective meeting for approval. If approved by the Omni Collective, we would need to build: * A 2" or so high floor (two by fours and plywood would do, I believe.* A 55" x 65" cage with chicken wire walls and a door.  If this place is NOT approved by the OOC then perhaps we should considerbuilding the Server Room in the SudoRoom Space. High temperature and noise levels are the main issues.  If others have ideas/comments/or want to be part of this process pleasejump in. You may contact Matt, Luis, or myself (Daniel). '''SERVER ROOM UPDATE JULY 21, 2014 7:13AM''' Hello all, We finally concluded that the small stage that oversees the Sudoroom iswhere we'll put the Server Room. Yes, the area behind the SudoRoom sign.This particular area is full of wood and other stuff that needs to move out,so if you feel helping on this part of Sudo Reboot, please do. If you have any questions or need more info on how to help please checkwith Marc, David, Daniel, or Jeremy. '''SERVER ROOM UPDATE JULY 21, 2014 11PM''' Awesomeness: Thanks David K, David ?, Jeremy, and Sally for your help.That was a lot of stuff that we moved!! The area got 96% cleared up. We moved the 2 Two Posts Racks, and theimprovised server cart holding three two Servers and a Dell Desktop. If someone could clear up the rest of the stuff would be super! What isleft? A black big cabinet, and miscellaneous stuff left on and aroundthe shelf. Many Thanks! '''2014.07.30 Server Room Update!:''' Switch Rack(s):We have installed some switches on one of the three donated racks. Yes! We have a surplus of two switch racks.Please feel free to provide ideas on what should we do with them, so far we have the following ideas:a) Jeremy suggested that we should sell them, we can use the cash.b) I suggest that we keep one so we can install the spare switches and provide a managed switch reset/configuration workshop. And for the second one, I suggest, we offer it as a donation to other hacker space as a symbol of solidarity and sisterhood. Chris, who is the one that donated those two switch racks, said that he is cool with whatever we decide. Rack Switch: It is on the way, and it is expected to arrive Thursday or Friday. The shipping company said today that will call me to arrange delivery time, so we need someone to be here (Sudo) to receive it.- -Marc said he could receive it, but only after 5pm, is anyone else available at earlier time?If so, please let me know so I can provide you w the info that you may need. Still Needed Items for a Server Room and Backbone Network CAT6A Ready:* 1 Patch Panel for Switch Rack (2RU)* 1 Patch Panel for Server Rack (1RU)* 24 Category 6A Jack Modules* 50 RJ45 Connectors* Network CAT6A Bulk Cable* Network CAT6A Patch Cable Please let me know if you know of anyone that would like to donate any of the items above. Many thanks! Daniel '''2014.08.02 Server Room Update''' First at all many thanks to the one (forgot his name, sorry) that waitedfor the delivery on Friday, and to those that helped in the process ofgetting the rack up and going. The rack server is up and going, but still needs the patch panels, cable,and the RJ45 modules. More details below. Anyhow, adding these accessoriesto the rack would make the rack wiring cleaner and easy to follow when thetime of troubleshooting comes. Items needed:* 1 Patch Panel for Switch Rack (2RU) = Price: $62.12 * 1 Patch Panel for Server Rack (1RU) = Price: $39.45 * 24 Category 6A Jack Modules = Price ? * Network CAT6A Bulk Cable = Price: $325 Thanks, and please let me know if you would like to donate any of theabove items.
'''Tools :'''(I have a set that we can use, but it will be nice Sudo to own its own.)** One pair of Scissors - item details - Approx. $** One Toner - item details - Approx. $** One Cable Tester - item details - Approx. $ Etc..Daniel
================================Definitions ===
* Telecom rack https[http://enwww.wikipediaserver-racks.orgcom/wiki/23rack-inch_rack#23-inch_racktypes.html Rack Types]* Server rack [* Patch panel Rack_unit Rack Unit] also known as [* Switch cabinet / Enclosure Rack_unit U] or [ UR]* Cables** Ethernet cable [ Server Rack]*** Seeking CAT6 [ Server_rack#Four-_and_two-post_racks 4 and 2 Post Racks]*[ Square Rack Holes]** Avoiding, but will accept CAT5e https[http://enwww.wikipediaserver-racks.orgcom/wiki/CAT5what-is-a-cagenut.html Cagenut]** 100 [ Patch cables for users (mindepth. 6 ft) html Rack Mounting Deep]* [ Patch Panel]** 100 - Patch cables for patch panel (min 3 ft) [* ConnectorsEthernet_cable Ethernet Cable]** RJ45 Connectors [*** Good for good quality and standardization** Any RJ45 Jacks* Cable trays** Can we find someone to bend chicken-wire into the tracks we need to hang from the ceiling?Connectors]

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