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12.- Can we find someone to bend chicken-wire into the tracks we need to hang from the ceiling?
Today Luis, Matt, and I did the walk in the building, and so far the only place that seems the
most appropriate to have the server room is the room by the bar.
This area is the most ideal in the whole building because the air flow,
temperature, electricity proximity, and also because it is where the
Internet access enters the building.
Since this area is not is not part of the SudoRoom space, we will have
to talk about it with the rest of the Sudo-Mesh group and the group approves it, then we would have to present the idea at our
Omni Collective meeting for approval.
If approved by the Omni Collective, we would need to build:
1.- A 2" or so high floor (two by fours and plywood would do, I believe.
2.- A 55" x 65" cage with walls made of chicken wire and a door.
If this place is not approved then perhaps we should consider
building the Server Room in the SudoRoom Space. High temperature levels and noise are the main issues.
If others have ideas/comments/or want to be part of this process please
jump in. You may contact Matt, Luis, or myself (Daniel).
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