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We meet Monday evenings . Our active projects are making small batches of Kombucha and building a temperature monitor using a Raspberry PI.<blockquote><big>'''Fermentation Mondays! 5-7p'''</big></blockquote>
We are working out Our active projects include making small batches of "Room 1" on the CCL side of the Bocce Room shared by SuDO Kombucha and CCLbuilding a temperature monitor using a Raspberry PI.Got other ideas? Bring 'em by!
July 21stWe are working out of "Room 1" on the CCL side of the Bocce Room shared by Sudo Room and CCL. When you enter the building from the door at the corner of Shattuck and 48th, 2014 --discovered both batches you will enter into a room that was formerly a bar and has mirrored walls on one side. Walk to the end of Kombucha were contaminatedthe room through the open door, and make a left. You have arrived! :D connected monitoring component with Raspberry PI[[File:|Fermented dough, by Flavio Piacenza via Wikimedia Commons|thumb|right]]
==Weekly updates=====July 14th21st, 2014 --===made two small *Discovered both batches of Kombuchawere contaminated..wah wah. We'll figure out a better system for next time! discussed *Connected monitoring component with Raspberry PI while wiating for components to arrive.
===July 14th, 2014===*Made two small batches of Kombucha.*Discussed Raspberry PI while waiting for components to arrive. ===July 7th, 2014 --===*1st meeting and planning.agreed *Agreed to bring supplies for Kombucha to next meeting.

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