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== How to get in? ==
== How to get in? ==

Our entrance is the corner door with the blue awning. The doorbell is on the right. Sorry it's so high up.
Our main entrance is the double door under the blue awning. The doorbell is up on the right.  

We are developing an electronic access system for members. In the meantime, if you are a member or a guest, you can ring the doorbell.
One of Omni's members made a temporary, makeshift button-dinger, for those who can't reach it without assistance. If the dinger is missing, and you are unable to reach the doorbell on your own, please knock loudly and hopefully we'll hear you!
Members of the Omni can gain access through the use of our electronic, card-based access system. We're currently working on improving this system, including a better, more easily accessible door! Updates coming soon!


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