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====Section 2.1.0 Process for becoming a member====
====Section 2.1.0 Process for becoming a member====
#'''Declaration of Intent to Join'''
#* To become a member, a person must submit a brief written or spoken "Declaration of Intent to Join" where they answer the following questions (for informational purposes only, in other words "there are no wrong answers"):
#** What is your (pseudo)nym and/or name?
#** Why do you want to be a member of sudo room?
#** If you know already, what are you excited to do at sudo room?
#** If you know already, what are you excited to share with the sudo room community?
#'''Initial Pondering'''
#* It is only possible to become a member at the weekly sudo room meeting. Prospective members should attend if possible but can submit a written declaration if they are not able to attend in person.
#* At the sudo room weekly meeting, every prospective member must leave the room while the existing members have a chance to bring up any concerns  or reasons why the prospective member(s) should not be allowed membership (referred to as the "Initial Pondering").
#** The intent is for it to be very easy for new members to join, so only very serious concerns should be brought up.
#** If any existing member objects to a prospective new member becoming a member, and this cannot be resolved through discussion, then the  prospective member will not be allowed membership.
#** Unreasonable or frequent blocking of new members by an existing member is grounds for immediate termination of membership based on a 2/3 vote.
#*  Upon completing the "Initial Pondering", such potential members must be communicated to the sudo rooom mailing list within 24 hours, including their "Declaration of Intent to Join".
#'''Extended Pondering'''
#* After the Initial Pondering, if there are no objections, there will be one week for sudo room members to raise objections as to why the prospective member should not be allowed to join (referred to as the "Extended Pondering").
#* If there are no objections raised during the "Extended Pondering", the prospective member will become a member.
#** The intention is to provide sufficient time to ensure all concerns of those unable to attend the meeting may be heard.
#* The new member will be added to the membership list and given access to desired and relevant assets and services of sudo room.
#* No announcement of this change of status after the "Extended Pondering" is necessary.

===Section 2.2 Sudo Functionaries===
===Section 2.2 Sudo Functionaries===

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