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= Hardwae Hack Night =
[[File:SudoRoom hardware hacknight.jpg|right|400px|Jake the little bear? dog? animal? leads a motley crue of people in exploring the world of hardware hacking]]
''"Let's get physical"''
* '''When:''' Tuesdays 6-11pm (or later!)
* '''HOW TO GET INTO THE BUILDING:''' Call Jake if you have their number, or join the Jitsi Video Chat by clicking here: [https://meet.waag.org/turtlesturtlesturtles https://meet.waag.org/turtlesturtlesturtles] and then try to get peoples attention to come let you into the building!  The doorbell is not ideal :)
* '''Where:''' SudoRoom
* '''Pirate ringleader:'''Contact jake if you have any questions
Come hack on hardware. Everything about electronics. Take apart small animals, build LEDs, put things back together again.
Recommended even for the faint of heart (i.e. weenie software engineers who spend their lives in digital streams of git code. ''just kidding''). Entertainment provided by our fair leader George or the Patricia Fields wig bar ART SCHOOL GIRLS OF DOOM.
Wearing of skin tight black pleather optional.
= Projects =
[[File:Hacking all the things.jpg|thumb|left|hacking all the things at hardware hack night]]
We work on a variety of things. It is always more fun to learn around other people.
* Bring your own stuff. take apart old computers, rollerskates, robotic toys from Bladerunner
* Noisemaking machines
* and more!
[[File:Art school girls of doom.jpg|right|400px|weenie software engineer? scared of real hardware? well come along and touch real live stuff]]
= Resources =
* Tons of tools to use
* a big library of antique, modern gadges that you can take apart
* Learn how things you own work, demystify your electronics
* put together circuits
* have fun with friendly pirates!

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