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Jake the little bear? dog? animal? leads a motley crue of people in exploring the world of hardware hacking


See https://sudoroom.org/calendar/ for the latest and greatest in meetups


"Let's get physical"

  • When: Tuesdays 7-11pm (or later!)
  • HOW TO GET INTO THE BUILDING: Call Jake if you have their number, or join the Jitsi Video Chat by clicking here: https://meet.waag.org/turtlesturtlesturtles and then try to get peoples attention to come let you into the building! The doorbell is not ideal :)
  • Where: SudoRoom
  • Pirate ringleader: Contact jake if you have any questions

Come hack on hardware. Everything about electronics. Take apart small animals, build LEDs, put things back together again. And there is a cool Multi Media Lab downstairs for silkscreening art prints and creating feminist swimwear on the sewing machines.


hacking all the things at hardware hack night

We work on a variety of things. It is always more fun to learn around other people.

  • Bring your own stuff. take apart old computers, rollerskates, robotic toys from Bladerunner
  • Noisemaking machines
  • the fixit clinic! FixitClinic
  • and more!
weenie software engineer? scared of real hardware? well come along and touch real live stuff


  • Tons of tools to use
  • a big library of antique, modern gadges that you can take apart
  • Learn how things you own work, demystify your electronics
  • put together circuits
  • have fun with friendly pirates!