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subiir: The sudoroom collectively brewed beer.


This is subiir 0, the first ever brewed.

It is an american pale ale with lots of hops.

Expected ethanol percentage is 4.5% to 5.1%.

This one was brewed with ingredients gotten from the Oak Barrel Winecraft homebrewing store in Berkeley and a few ingredients gotten for free from Craigslist. A more detailed list will follow.

The brewing equipment is in Juul's, Factotum's and Tunabanas' back yard in Oakland. It was designed for outdoor brewing (for minimal and easy cleanup), so is not suitable for brewing at sudoroom's current space.

Brewing method

The brewing method was all-grain "brewing in a bag" with a counter-flow chiller for post boil cool-down of the mash.


  • Primary malt: About 12 pounds pre-ground pale ale malt from Oak Barrel winecraft
  • Secondary malt: 2 pounds of mystery "specialty malts" free from Craigslist. Appeared lightly roasted.
  • Bittering hops: ~20 grams Magnum at 14.5% alpha-acid.
  • Flavouring hops: ~20 grams Cascade at 6.2% alpha-acid.
  • Aroma hops: ~10 grams Glacier Hops 6% alpha-acid. Free from Craiglist. More than three years old.

Brewing equipment

  • A converted turkey fryer.
  • A lightly modified 100% ramie pillow cover from Ikea.
  • A home-made counter-flow chiller (copper pipe in garden hose).
  • Food-safe Home Depot HDPE buckets modified with spigots and airlocks.

Materials and food safety

  • Food grade stainless steel.
  • Unleaded drinking-water grade copper.
  • NSF 51 food safe high temperature silicone tubing.
  • 100% non-dyed ramie cloth (though could the thread be another material?)
  • Labeled-as-food-safe HDPE (only contacting mash/beer at low temperatures (< 30 C).

The sanitizing agent was: Iodofor.


Contact Juul, Factotum or Tunabananas if you want to learn more or join in the brewing project.


The following calculator worked really well for batch #1 (our second batch) For batch #3, we used 6.4oz of corn sugar (dextrose), translating into 181.5gs, equals 171.70 milliliters (ml / raw sugar)


  • More light than intended. Less hoppy. Like a warm day for the beach beer.
    • Was due to us adding hops at wrong time (too late) during mashing/boil?
  • George loved it. Prebought for batch #2. But will likely be disappointed that batch #2 will be much more hoppy.