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Sudomesh meeting - 21 feb 2017


  • remote-jnny, jorrit, juul, jehan, andy?, leslie?


upcoming wkshp

  • Omni Cal/Booking Issues:
    • March 4th is taken from 8am-5pm, via an unrecorded December bookingrequest :(
    • March 5th also taken from 8am-5pm by the same group (CURB)
    • Following Weekend (March 11-12) is booked 10am-6pm by Community Defense Under Trump Conference
    • Subsequent Weekend (March 18-19) has only one pending booking of ballroom from 6-11:30pm.
  • NEW DATE: March 18, 2-5pm?
    • Where has this event already been posted?

Getting started with the mesh

Two guides:

  • One for people who can use a command line to some degree
  • One for people who have no/little technical knowledge
    • Focused on abstract explanation of how it works
    • Focused on node mounting

please share ideas on flyer/announcement text at

Misc Links


march (18?) event

  • Establish & confirm exact DIY Internet wkshp date w/ Omni Commons - jenny/you?
  • Create (EventBrite?) page & related fb/indybay/occupyoak/etc event listings - jenny/you?
  • Create blog post on
  • Create eventbrite -> fb event
  • Submit to indybay
  • add to omni commons calendar:
  • tweet it from twitter accounts
  • post the event on nextdoor (both temescal and rockridge)