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Sudo Mesh Accounting WG Meeting #4 - 05/29/2018 [RESCHEDULED]


  • Intros & Intention-setting
  • Overview of income, expenses & assets as well as current/draft policies
  • Discussion: Draft scope of responsibilities and limitations
  • Discussion: Reschedule Inventory
  • Action Items

Attendees & Intros

  • Benny - accountant
  • Mai - accountant
  • Ben - accountant
  • Jenny - accountant
  • Robb - accountant

Past Action Items

  • Read seller's permit documents: (ALL?)
  • Ask group whether they can come to sudomesh cage inventory on Thurs May 17 5-8pm
    • ben - Added announcement to tonight's meeting notes
    • Note: exists and really needs some love, or should be deprecated for a spreedsheat.
    • Jenny - move to tonight's (05/29) meeting and suggest Monday (06/04) (consenso)
      • robb: should get some sturdy eye hooks and pulleys...
    • Ben - added announcement to tonight's notes.
  • Share sketch of mesh storage reorg (jenny)
    • still looking for it.. may just rework it. mostly measurements of shelves and clusters of stuffs
  • Look through Trello for grants/fundraising:
  • Integrate Incoming Purchases List to automatically be sent to Rocket.Chat [jenny] - DONE
  • Locked petty cash box for discretionary funds; e.g. buying zip ties on the day of a node mount (robb/jenny)
    • still looking ofr a viable lockbox - BACKLOG
  • Arrange a fundraising consulting meeting with Mei Lin (juul)
    • juul has external obligations this week, but we can ping him. - BACKLOG
  • Open an account w/ Beneficial (jenny) - PENDING (submitted)
    • opened - need will's sig
  • Set up a redirect for budget request form - and (jenny) - DONE

Discussion: Reschedule Inventory

  • When should we make this happen?
    • Suggested Monday (06/04) @ 5pm - will announce to meeting tonight

Overview Current Moneypaths & Policies

Discussion: Draft scope of responsibilities and limitations

Copypasta'd from Omni, draft: Mission: To ensure the continued financial health of Sudo Mesh.

The Sudo Mesh Finances Working Group is tasked with:

recording all costs and revenues and monthly reporting of this information in a transparent way;
paying bills out of Sudo Mesh's bank account or accounts;
collecting funds from member collectives and depositing them in Sudo Mesh's account or accounts;
forecasting the financial health of Sudo Mesh and highlighting risks and opportunities;
filing all paperwork regarding finances as required by law;
alerting Sudo Mesh of any breach or other variance from agreed financial contributions by member collectives.

The Sudo Mesh Finances Working Group is empowered to:

issue checks for monthly expenditures: 
basic operating supplies (TBD by the Board, not to exceed a set amount);
issue checks to designated parties for all other outlays as agreed by 3/4 consensus at the Sudo Mesh Board meeting;

ben - not sure about the 3/4 consensus bit; at the very least, it's unclear what this means benny - proposal: monthly expenditures below a certain amount ($50/monthly?) and one-time expenditures below a certain amount ($500) can be issued by a single working member otherwise, you need to go through some extra hoop (3/4 consensus or 3 signatures or something) should keep an eye on recurring costs do a monthly general report? or a weekly update? yes commitment to transparency on wiki or eg loomio subgroup for board members? (self-hosted?) trying to decide whether to require a quorum of board members or just 3 different signatures Options to present at tonight's meeting: Require X signatures for purchases above $Y (e.g. X=3, Y=500) Require consensus among a quorum of P% of the board for purchases above $Y. Otherwise, just get a member of AWG to help you make the purchase. (e.g. P=75, Y=1000)

mozilla round 2

Action Items

Last Meeting Notes